New York Sees COVID Case Uptick; Remains 3rd Lowest in Nation

New York has the third-lowest infection rate in the nation, according to Johns Hopkins data shared by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

By: Rusty Brooks

As of Monday, New York had the third-lowest infection rate in the nation (1.27 percent), behind only New Hampshire and Maine, according to data from Johns Hopkins, however there is a reported uptick in COVID cases in the state

Seven states have a positivity rate above 20 percent.

New York City topped its 550 daily case average total for the second time in days Monday, while the mayor of New Jersey’s largest city, Newark, moved to implement new local restrictions as the Garden State’s COVID numbers continue to increase.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he wouldn’t make any changes when asked about potential fallout from that daily case average number (551) topping his 550 threshold again. The other indicators show stable or even promising trends, he said, and urged people not to take any single number out of the larger context, NBC 4 reported.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has championed the effectiveness of his micro-cluster strategy as “focus zone” areas, but there have been slight case upticks in the zoned areas.

NY Post reported: Brooklyn’s “red zone,” including Midwood — and the worst area in the city in terms of the coronavirus — recorded a positive-test rate of 4.45 percent Saturday, compared to 4.23 percent Friday.

The latest rate in the borough’s “yellow zone’’ surrounding the red zone was 2.14 percent, as opposed to 2.07 percent the day before.

NY is in the midst of a four-day stretch of hospitalizations above 1,000 for the first time in months, as of Tuesday October 27th, according to NBC. IT is expected after an uptick in positives to see an increase in hospitalizations. The numbers are not alarming and New York’s death rates are extremely low. However, there can be a possible uptick in deaths after the hospitalization spike.

New York saw 14 COVID related deaths on October 26th. The highest amount of deaths reported in recent months was in July, when one day 42 deaths were recorded.

NBC-4 reported: New Jersey has experienced significant upticks in its daily COVID case totals, hospitalizations and infection rate as of late. It reported its highest number of new daily cases (1,994) since early May over the weekend as Gov. Phil Murphy extended the public health emergency, he put in place at the start of the pandemic for another 30 days.

“We’re in a tough spot right now. There’s no other way to put it,” Gov Murphy said Monday.