Israel’s Oldest Man, 117, Dies After Corona Isolation: ‘It Did Him Harm’

Israeli workers protest outside Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv on August 19, 2020. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

“Until the pandemic, he would go to the synagogue, even at the age of 116,” said his grandson.

By: Josh Plank

Israel’s oldest citizen, Shlomo Sulayman, passed away Sunday at the age of 117 after spending the past several months confined to his home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ynet reported.

“It did him harm,” said Sulayman’s grandson, Gil Radia.

“Until the pandemic, he would go to the synagogue, even at the age of 116. He was a very modest man, which is why everyone loved him. But I guess the isolation at home contributed to his health deteriorating,” Radia said.

Radia said that his grandfather maintained his health by always being physically active and not eating too much.

“He would eat small portions,” he said. “In the morning a piece of bread with cream cheese; for lunch either chicken, fish, or an egg with rice; and in the evening a salad with an egg.”

As a young man, Sulayman worked in agriculture. His grandson said that he continued physical activity when he was older, walking great distances on foot.

“He would walk from Moshav Avihayil back to his home in Netanya, carrying a big sack of oranges on his back,” Radia said.

Sulayman also kept an active mind, attending synagogue daily and studying Jewish scripture.

“His mind was clear until his last moment,” Radia said. “People would come and ask him questions about the faith and do exactly as he told them after he looked over the texts.”

According to his family, Sulayman was born in 1903 in Yemen, making him one of the oldest people in the world.

In a somewhat related development, World Israel News reported that Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital announced on Monday it cannot accept new coronavirus patients who require additional nursing attention, citing the Health Ministry’s failure to institute a system to regulate patient allocation to various institutions throughout the nation.

According to a report broadcast by Army Radio, Ichilov is treating a total of 110 patients with coronavirus, which is a greater number of patients than it is designed to care for.

Meanwhile, Rambam Hospital in Haifa opened a unit on Sunday staffed by IDF personnel, utilizing some 100 IDF doctors and nurses in an operation that marks the first time the army has deployed its medical staff to treat civilians.

The unit is housed in a converted parking garage.

            (World Israel News)

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