Boca Raton Principal Stokes Flames of Holocaust Denial

Former Spanish River High School principal William Latson, July 2019. Credit: Screenshot of WPTV News segment.

The current trend of Jew hating and its shrug of the shoulders response not only from the court system but sadly from Jews and their “leaders” is frightening. The ongoing attacks on Jews in the New York area and around the country, together with the deadly shootings at the Pittsburgh Synagogue, “Aitz Ha’Chaim,” barely make headlines and the rare times they do, they quickly fade once the (Jewish) politicians have had their photo-ops and then smoothly resume their support for the BLM thugs. No big interest in Jew hating. Not politically rewarding for the Left.

The latest incident was the reinstatement to duty by a court and the local school board, of a Boca Raton high school principal, who, in an e-mail exchange with a parent, cast doubt on the Holocaust ever happening. His horrific words: “I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee.” The guy, William Latson, the principal of Boca Raton’s Spanish River Community High School also included in his mails, that he had to stay “politically neutral” and separate his personal views about the Holocaust from his job as a public school official. “I do allow information about the Holocaust to be presented and allow students and parents to make decisions about it accordingly,” he wrote.

So, if we understand Mr. Latson, the Holocaust is not really fact, it’s up for interpretation by people to make on their own. It’s in his mind, a theory, to be discussed such as let’s say, global warming, evolution and whether there’s life on Mars. A school board member had more confusing input into this tragic tale of why our education system is in the Dumpster. “I am not defending his stupid statements. They actually disgust me, but I don’t think his statements represent the body of his work.” These words from another idiot who is in charge of our childrens’ educations. What, “body of his work?” If an educator, one who runs a school of over 2,500 students, casts doubt on an historical fact, one captured on film, with survivors telling their stories and is still welcomed back to continue such abhorrent, disinformation, this is totally unacceptable to us and to the Boca Raton community, Jew and non-Jew alike.

Mr. Latson happens to be a black principal in a high school having the largest Jewish student population in the country. No problem there. However, if a Jewish principal in a mostly black high school ever stated that slavery may or may not have been practiced in the United States and it was up to each individual to decide for himself if it was historically factual, there’d be another application filled out at the unemployment office.

We call on the silent leaders of the Boca Raton community, especially its Jewish leaders on the Federation, the ADL and its Jewish Community Relations Council to finally wake up to the fires of hate burning in their own backyard. Let them begin dousing the flames with their vocal condemnation against the likes of William Latson. Are they giving him immunity from such attacks because of his special “black race” status? It looks like that might be the case.


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