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Are the Photos In Hunter Biden’s Laptop- Worse Than We Are Being Told?

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Jared Evan

Two very interesting articles were published online Friday afternoon regarding the FBI agent who subpoenaed Hunter’s laptop – Joshua Wilson

report by Revolver News noted that the FBI agent who subpoenaed Hunter’s laptop – Joshua Wilson – specialized in investigating child pornography. The article then speculates if there are illegal images on this lap-top

Meanwhile: Business Insider also reported that Wilson had signed a criminal complaint charging a New Jersey-based pedophile, Arthur Frazer, and that the signature matched the one on the subpoena of Hunter Biden’s laptop recently published by the New York Post.

Business insider verified the FBI agent that Revolver claims was the one who issued the subpoena

Revolver speculates:

So, this raises the very obvious question: Did the computer repair guy stumble upon child pornography on Hunter’s laptop and contact the FBI as a result?

Did he keep a copy of the hard drive as the only remaining evidence of Hunter’s crimes in case the Veeps kid got off scot-free?

Meanwhile, Newsmax reported on statements Rudy Giuliani made on “Fox and Friends

Speaking on “Fox and Friends” about a hard drive he acquired that purportedly belonged to the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, Giuliani said Friday that some of the content on it proves the younger Biden was a “national security risk.”

“This is Hunter Biden’s emails, texts, and really, the photographs will shock the hell out of you — and they make him a national security risk for the United States of America,” Giuliani said. “Because every photograph I have, China has, plus a lot more.

They reveal federal crimes, they reveal disgusting sexual behavior, and then they reveal sexual behavior, and then they reveal numerous times where he has totally gone on crack, which means he spent most of the last five years on crack, and who would pay this man $2, much less $10 million, if he’s a crack addict?”

These developments are very interesting. Many are already speculating that there is an FBI cover-up going on with Hunter Biden’s laptop. The public would have never learned about the laptop if it was not for the NY Post story, which was based on a copy of the hard-drive which Rudy Guliani obtained, The FBI has the actual laptop and the public was never informed of this investigation by the FBI.

Now there is speculation of possibly illegal material on Hunter Biden’s computer. That is what we are learning and can not verify but examine further. An FBI agent who specializes in child porn appears to be involved with the investigation.



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