Antifa Hooligans Violently Attack Pro-Trump Jews in Times Square

Antifa members can be seen vandalizing “Jews for Trump” vehicles with red paint and attacking drivers.

By: JV Staff

An all-out brawl broke out in Times Square in New York City on Sunday afternoon as Antifa militants broke through a police barricade and attacked Jewish pro-Trump supporters and pro-police demonstrators, the Post-Millennial reported.

Antifa can be seen vandalizing “Jews for Trump” vehicles with red paint and attacking drivers.

The AP reported that skirmishes broke out between supporters and opponents of President Trump as a Jews For Trump convoy of hundreds of cars draped with American flags and Trump 2020 banners rolled slowly through Manhattan and Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon.

Videos shared on Twitter showed several hate-filled maniacal anti-Trump radicals pelting the vehicles with eggs or stones, snatching flags, and shouting insults. Said one bystander, “in the current environment one truly risks their lives for supporting President Trump.”

The Jewish News Syndicate reported that among those physically assaulted by Antifa members were former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

According to reports, members of the far-left Antifa movement gathered at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street to protest the “Jews for Trump” caravan passing through the city, as was reported by

Videos posted on social-media show Antifa protesters hurling epithets at the caravan with some directing their vitriol at the former mayor. “F*** you, Rudy,” one man screamed.

Other protesters were seen throwing eggs at the caravan, including at Giuliani’s vehicle, while one person was filmed ripping a pro-police “Back the Blue” flag from one of the vehicles in the caravan.

Far-left demonstrators were also filmed accosting Trump supporters in Times Square, where they splashed paint on vehicles from the caravan, while fistfights broke out between the two sides.

Some 1,000 vehicles organized by the “Jews for Trump” movement set out from Monsey, N.Y.; Flatbush and Boro Park in Brooklyn; and Manhattan on Sunday, driving through the city for a rally in Marine Park.

Attacks on the convoy were reported in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In one incident, a woman pepper-sprayed a Jewish family driving with the convoy. New York Police officers arrested seven suspects.

The organizers of the rally in Brooklyn requested that participants bring masks to wear and to make sure to practice social distancing after exiting their cars.

YWN reported that according to the Jews For Trump website, Sunday’s rally was intended to show solidarity with “the beleaguered Red Zone community,” a reference to the coronavirus hot spots designated by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as areas where schools and nonessential businesses must close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Boris Epshteyn, an adviser to the Trump campaign and co-chair of Jewish Voices for Trump, organized Sunday’s rally in Brooklyn’s Marine Park at the end of the car parade. He was one of the speakers, as well as former NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a life-long Democrat.