Amid Homeless Warehousing Crisis, Guardian Angels Patrol Upper East Side

Mayoral candidate and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa (AP)

By: Andre Malo

Curtis Sliwa, public safety activist, mayoral candidate and talk show host announced that a dozen members of the volunteer crime watch squad will hit the streets in what has historically been one of the Big Apple’s wealthiest neighborhoods — a necessity he said was once “unimaginable,” as was reported by the New York Post.

During the summer months Sliwa helped residents on the upper west side after The Lucerne, on 79th Street and Amsterdam, the Hotel Belleclaire, on 76th Street and Broadway, and the Belnord, on West 87th, were recently converted into homeless shelters, with nearly 300 vagrants between them. Among the residents are six pedophiles and ten sex offenders in total, including convicted rapists and child molesters, as was reported by the New York Post.

TJV previously reported that Sliwa met twice with residents of the Upper West Side neighborhood in New York City over the weekend to discuss maintaining neighborhood safety in the wake of thousands of homeless people — including sex offenders of children — being placed in more than 100 of the city’s iconic and luxury hotels., Breitbart reported.

The NY Post reported: the request to call in the Guardian Angels came from Louis Puliafito, an Upper East Side doorman who is running for state Assembly on the Republican line — and a fixture in the neighborhood.

“Doorman Lou was the point man on this,” Sliwa said. “You want to know about crime and what’s happening on the streets? Talk to the doorman.”

AS the hotel industry continues to collapse in NYC, many high-end hotels have become homeless shelters, the mayor after backlash will eventually end this program.

The Daily Mail reported on de Blasio’s plan, which includes $175 a night per homeless person lodged in a hotel. The project is projected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, with the city paying 25 percent, while American taxpayers, through FEMA, will pick up 75 percent of the tab.

One particularly concerning site is the Bentley Hotel at 62nd Street and York Avenue, one of the locations where the city has sheltered homeless people to stanch the spread of the coronavirus in city shelters, the NY Post reported.

In an email, Sliwa said the crew of Angels will be led by a local resident who “has been training and patrolling with us in the UWS since early August,” and will now lead the Upper East Side crew, NY Post reported


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