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Voter Registration, the 2020 Census & YOU!!!

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There is no doubt that thus far, the year 2020 will go down in the annals of history as a distinct period of time that will never be forgotten. Not only are we still in the midst of grappling with the deleterious effects of the coronavirus pandemic but we are staring down unprecedented racial unrest, economic instability and a looming threat from China.

The mainstream media and its acolytes will also never let us forget that this is a presidential election year and as we know, the stakes are high; very, very high!

As concerned citizens who cherish the country in which we live, we are also keenly cognizant of our moral obligation to take quite seriously our civic responsibility in casting our votes.

The future of our families and communities depend on each and every one of us (who are over the age of 18) to take part in this uniquely democratic process; to make our voices heard and to tell the world that we care deeply about the free world and are willing to do something about it.

If you are not registered to vote, please do so right away before the deadline (October 8th) draws near. You can pick up a voter registration form from your local community center or synagogue or you can have one mailed to you.

In this age of corona, we are all quite concerned with our safety and those of our family, neighbors and friends. We understand that many are nervous about going out to the polls in person as social distancing and wearing masks are in the forefront of our minds.  It has come to our attention that all safety precautions will be taken at your local voting station and that includes mandatory social distancing and compulsory mask wearing.

For those who prefer to vote using a mail-in ballot, they too will be provided to each person. Due to recent shakeups at the United States Postal Service, mail delivery as of late has been quite slow. As such, we are strongly advising those who wish to vote in this manner to mail your ballots no later than October 20th.

To say that 2020 is a busy year for national events would be a gross understatement. As we know, every decade, Americans are called upon to fill out the national census forms in order to be counted for government services to be provided to our communities. This year is no different and in many ways even more important than we could have ever imagined.

By this time of the year, every person should have already received their census form and hopefully have completed them and sent them back. We cannot over emphasize the critical importance of fulfilling your responsibility as a concerned citizen by completing your census form and sending it in.

Frankly,  nothing should take priority over your personal participation in the 2020 census and your willingness to contribute to this great  land in which we live by casting your vote on November 3rd!

Register to vote by clicking on this link:

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