Trump Announces Launch of 1776 Commission to Promote Patriotic Education


Jared Evan

“For many years now, the radicals have mistaken Americans’ silence for weakness. But they are wrong,” Trump said. “There is no more powerful force than a parent’s love for their children — and patriotic moms and dads are going to demand that their children are no longer fed hateful lies about this country”, President Trump stated.

He said Thursday he will soon sign an order to establish a commission to promote patriotic education dubbed the 1776 Commission. The panel, he said, would be tasked with encouraging educators to teach students “about the miracle of American history” and plan for the commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, AP reported.

This is apparently a reaction to the revisionist history The New York Times’ “1619 Project,”  curriculum which highlights the long-term consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans.

The project began after The New York Times Magazine published a series on the 400th anniversary of slavery in the United States. Nikole Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer Prize for her piece in the magazine. Her essay was titled “The 1619 Project,” because in late August of that year, a ship arrived in American with some 20 to 30 enslaved Africans, marking the first arrival of slaves, AP explained.

The president has rallied against the NY Times educational program. Many historians have disputed the 1619 project as revisionist history, as well

Small government conservatives and libertarians  are objecting to this Trump effort of what they view as Federal Government encroachment in education.

Liberals and progressives are claiming that Trump wants to erase slavery from history, albeit without any evidence as there has been no official  “1776” curriculum designed.

The Associated Press claims in their headline  “Trump Downplays Legacy of Slavery in Appeal to White Voters”, framing the issue without any proof or full knowledge of what Trump’s “patriotic education” will consist of.

Here is the announcement:


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