Sarah Jessica Parker Joins Biz Leaders Urging DeBlasio to Take Action as City Struggles

Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC, 2019 (AP)

By: Denis Cyr

Famous New York based actress Sarah Jessica Parker has a joined the growing list of business owners who penned a letter to Mayor de Blasio demanding an improvement in quality of life.

Recently more than 160 businesses sent a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday asking him to take “immediate action” to address quality of life issues in the five boroughs. After the initial letter two more letters were drafted and sent to hizzoner.

In the letter, the heads of 163 companies including Mastercard, the WNBA, the NBA, Macy’s, JetBlue, Con Edison, We Work, Lyft and Warby Parker said they were “employers who are committed to New York City and its re-emergence from the devastating health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic”,  TJV previously reported.

“Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker, who started her own SJP shoe and accessories business in New York, joined the list of dozens of top business executives beseeching Gotham’s elected leaders to up their efforts to bolster the coronavirus recovery and tackle mounting qualify-of-life concerns, The NY Post reported.

This 3rd letter sent from Partnership for New York City, was also addressed to Governor Cuomo, the NY Post published some of the highlights:

“As the first place in America to be struck hard by the coronavirus and the first to successfully manage its containment, New York should step up to chart the course for recovery of urban centers everywhere,” the letter from the Partnership for New York City says.

“We urge you to convene a multi-sector leadership initiative, which can call upon the broadest possible range of resources and expertise to develop plans, policies and implementation strategies for how cities will overcome the challenges created by the pandemic and re-emerge stronger, fairer and more resilient than ever.”

“By all measures, New York City was at the peak of its economic powers on March 1, 2020, when the first coronavirus case was diagnosed,” the letter says, citing a report it commissioned that estimated New York and its suburbs have lost as many as 1 million jobs to the pandemic. “

The first letter, was penned mainly as a call to improve quality of life in NYC, the second letter called on Trump to assist in a bailout for the City, this letter is calling multi-sector leadership to urgently address the situation.

Sarah Jessica Parker is most known for “Sex in The City”, her father is Jewish from Eastern Europe and the actress identities as Jewish. Her husband is renowned movie and stage star Matthew Broderick. When they married in 1997, they had a ceremony in a Lower East Side synagogue



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