NYPD Officer Arrested, Charged With Spying For Chinese Communist Party On Ethnic Tibetans


Jared Evan

NYPD officer has been arrested and charged with acting as an agent of China, according to WABC New York.

Community affairs officer Baimadajie Angwang of the 111 precinct in Queens and a US Army Reservist at Fort Dix acted “at the direction and control” of CCP government officials operating out of the consulate in New York, and was reporting on the activities of ethnic Tibetans, according to the allegations against him.

NYPD officer has been arrested and charged with acting as an agent of China, according to WABC New York.

Angwang is accused of using his official position with the NYPD to give consulate officials access to senior NYPD officials. He is also accused of committing wire fraud, making false statements and obstructing an official proceeding, according to the report.

In one phone conversation, Angwang told his handler at the consulate that he offered to “raise our country’s soft power” by having the consular official attend NYPD events, and provide the official with nonpublic information about the NYPD’s internal workings, ABC reported.

Recorded conversations have revealed that the PRC officials has been a “handler” of Angwang. He received tasks from them and reported back to PRC officials.

From August 21, 2014, through August 11, 2017, Angwang called and texted one of the PRC official’s cellular telephone on at least 53 occasions. From in or about and between June 2018 through March 2020, Angwang called and texted the other PRC official’s cellular telephone on at least 55 occasions.

Furthermore, Angwang has been observed entering the Consulate on numerous occasions during these time periods, ABC reported

Angwang maintained a relationship with at least two PRC officials stationed at the Consulate since prior to 2018, one of whom is believed to have been assigned to the “China Association for Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture,” a division of the PRC’s United Front Work Department (“UFWD”). According to the report, the department is responsible for neutralizing PRC potential sources of opposition.

“As alleged in this federal complaint, Baimadajie Angwang violated every oath he took in this country,” reads a statement from NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea

During the rise of the Chinese Cultural Revolution from 1966-1976  Red Guards attacked civilians, who were accused of being traitors to communism. More than six thousand monasteries were looted and destroyed. Monks and nuns were forced to leave their monasteries to “live a normal life”, with those who resisted imprisoned. Prisoners were forced to perform hard labor, tortured and executed.

To this day the communist government has violated the religious freedoms of Ethnic Tibetans.

This police officer was essentially partaking in communist spying of Chinese Americans who were practicing freedom of religion in NYC.

In August 2020, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping gave a speech in which he stated that it is “necessary to actively guide Tibetan Buddhism to adapt to the socialist society and promote the Sinicization (cultural cleansing) of Tibetan Buddhism.


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