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BLM & “The 600”

Dear Editor:

600 Jewish denominations took a full page ad, jointly signed a letter, in the NYTimes, “Unequivocally: Black Lives Matter.”  Who are some of these groups? Jewish Voice for Peace, came in with a whopping 20 listings.  JVP supports BDS, holds up signs, shouts slogans comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, voices support for Hamas & Hezbollah. Bend the Arc, 28 times. The Sun Gazette, 2019, “The Rockefeller Brothers’ Anti-Semitism Shows Itself”, ”From 2005 to 2013, Bend the Arc received annual donations totaling $1.5 million from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund”, known antisemites who are obsessed with funding pro-BDS.   These 600 ‘put aside their differences’ to unite for “unequivocal” support for BLM. If Jewish groups can sign a letter with the virulent anti Israel, anti Jew, Jewish Voice for Peace, what’s next?  Taking out an ad for Farrakhan because he supports the Black Community?

The letter goes on, “freedom and safety for ANY of us depends on the freedom and safety of ALL of us…deliberately manufacturing fear to divide us against each other…When Black movements are undermined…”  Does this mean if I voice any legitimate criticism of BLM I am “manufacturing fear,” or if I object to the violence and intimidation of BLM’s riots I am…”undermining” them?  “Unequivocal” support? If I offer “qualified” support, I am not a supporter of civil rights? The unspoken message is clear–either you offer your total, unqualified support or…we will cancel culture you, the newest form of fascism.

If I object to: Soros Funds BDS “Resource” Organization on BLM/M4BL’s Antisemitic Platform; Black Lives Matter, DC, threaten diners, demand they raise their fists; call “people who don’t a white supremacist.”  200 people, dressed in black and masked, rioted in Portland’s residential areas, pointed lights into the windows of homes, chanted “Out of your house, into the streets. What Lives Matter? Black Lives Matter!”  A night of looting left 13 officers injured and caused damage in the Magnificent Mile.  “This was an assault on our city” said Black Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.  Even Jesse Jackson condemned the looting spree. BLM stormed a residential area in Beverly Hills, shouted “eat the rich ”, “abolish capitalism now”, tore down American flags.  If I object to BLM in their own words, “We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia [Garza] we’re trained organizers, trained Marxists”, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors. We are anti-capitalist.”

Where are the full page ads when:  UN passes resolutions condemning Israel more than the rest of the world combined; when Pelosi & her Democrat majority gives a coveted seat on the House Foreign Relations Committee to Omar, a BDS supporter, whose antisemitic slurs disgrace us all.  When Kamala Harris’ Chief of Staff is Karine Jean-Pierre, a radical Israel-hater, & Sr. advisor for the anti Zionist, Soros funded MoveOn.org.  When “anti-racism” demonstrators in Paris carried antisemitic, anti-Israel posters, “dirty Jews” and “Israel, laboratory of police violence.”  When vicious Jew-hater Rashida Talib calls Israel’s creation “Ethnic Cleansing.”  When Sarsour’s rally sign says “No Zionists Allowed.” Where are the cries of outrage when “Annual Report on Hate Crimes,” “It is the world’s tiny population of Jews-15 million in a world of nearly eight billion-who experience the most bias, hatred, assaults, blatant racism and hate crimes.”

Tennyson’s famous poem, “The Charge of the Light Brigade” says it all about today’s fool hardy would-be repressive, “progressive” Jews:

Someone had blundered.

Theirs not to make reply,

Theirs not to reason why,

Theirs but to do and die.

Into the valley of Death.

Rode the six hundred.

Zach Kornmansky


Damned if They Do. Damned if They Don’t

Dear Editor:

I was a Social Worker with mentally ill, criminal offenders, when  incarcerated, and released on probation or parole. Our police, the majority of whom do their jobs with respect for all, with restraint and dignity, whose inner city Black community, and minorities want to be fully funded, when asked, who believe the police keep them, their children and their businesses safe, are blamed today for whatever they do or don’t do. Most states reject or under fund programs to educate police officers on mental illness, how to recognize symptoms, how to speak to a violently out of control mentally ill person, reject programs to connect with and truly assist the mentally ill homeless who are now living in squalor, off medications which benefit their illness, and then blame the police when they fail to recognize that the violent person coming at them is…mentally ill. Underfunding police? Are you nuts? Maybe there is a bona fide mental illness that even suggests this, let alone calls for this. Unfortunately, there are no medications for this type of insanity.

Jacob Myerson


Hope Springs Eternal

Dear Editor:

Millions are pouring into BLM whose leaders openly declare themselves Marxists, who reject capitalism and the nuclear family as instruments of “racial oppression.”   Hard core Socialist Soros said  “I have been waiting for this day for over twenty years” to pour yet more millions into this dystopian nightmare of One World, No Borders, Global Socialist Totalitarianism.  An example,  “Susan Rosenberg served only 16 years of a 58-year prison sentence for her involvement in a number of terrorist bombings and murders, including of two police officers, before being pardoned… Rosenberg is now a member of the board of directors of the left-wing charity Thousand Currents, which manages the donations made to Black Lives Matter.”

I have hope. I hope the BLM funds, and other capitalist contributions from earnings such as Beyonce’s ‘Black is King’ new fashions, or Rhianna’s just launched Fenty line of make-up, or some of football’s anthem-kneeling, million dollar player’s salaries, ends up going to even one meaningful project to “fight racism.”  I hope it goes towards the hard work of creating and funding smaller classroom size, true high quality education for inner city Black youth. For school based social workers and counselors. For loan assistance for start-up, community based businesses. For financial support for Black community leadership, who will reflect the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., who rejected the Jew hate of Farrakhan, now resurgent in the Black community, who said “we can’t keep blaming the White man”, who rejected anti Zionism as unequivocal antisemitism. For funds to educate the Black community and all of us, on the enormous efforts the Jewish community put into the Civil Rights movement and beyond.

Destroying our cities, in the name of “racism”, perverts what should have been a non-violent call for change. If you must riot, try storming inner city drug houses, instead of throwing rocks at store fronts and assaulting police. Painting BLM murals, and giving into this mob, instead of doing the hard work of creating opportunities for actual empowerment, which is what overcoming “racism” should be about, is what I hope for.  Do you?

Roslyn Lieberberg


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