JV Editorial from 2016 – What a Trump Presidency Would Like

In this Sunday, June 16, 2015, file photo, Donald Trump, accompanied by his wife Melania Trump, is applauded by his daughter Ivanka Trump, right as he’s introduced before his announcement that he will run for president in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York. It was the escalator ride that would change history. Four years ago on Sunday, Donald Trump descended through the marble and brass atrium of Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president. It was the first step on a journey few believed would take him all the way to the White House. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

The Jewish Voice is a weekly that goes to press every Tuesday night. As such, we will miss out on the traditional “post mortem” that takes places among the bevy of political pundits. So, we thought we would give you our impression of what the presidency of Donald Trump would look like. As you recall, we were the first Jewish newspaper to come out in his support. Sadly, we have not been joined by many other papers, Jewish or otherwise. At this writing we truly pray that when we awaken on Wednesday, the tallied figures would indicate he is the winner of the grand prize. And it is not only for the Jewish citizens of this country or for the very survival of Israel that we do so. We speak as Americans, rooting for our own country, whose ancestors came to this great nation to experience freedom, the opportunities to prosper and to raise their children in a new land free of oppression and bigotry. We feel he, acting as our nation’s leader, will accomplish great things for all of us.

Mr. Trump has been a successful businessman. He started as a manual worker for his dad who was a local home builder. He was educated at the Wharton School of Business, no small accomplishment, and after learning and having hands-on managerial experience, took over the reins of the organization and expanded it nationally. His success was based on the efficiency, dedication and competency of his employees. He understood that his work force from his top administrators down to the carpenter on the job looked up to him for leadership and a work ethic that would result in a smooth working corporate machine. Success in business is not happenstance. It is earned with hard work, sweat and intelligence. Surrounding yourself with “Yes-men” is a sure recipe for disaster. Donald Trump will bring his business, financial acumen and his no-nonsense attitude into the White House. But that will not be an easy job. He has many obstacles in his path.

His has challenges, both domestic and international. Jobs and the economy are a major issue for this country. Outside of our borders, the wolves are watching, waiting and ready to test this political neophyte from his first day in office. These predators were inspired by Obama’s failed eight years in office together with the incompetency of his selected staff, including the play for pay Secretary of State Hillary Clinton whose primary goal as SOS was to increase her family’s wealth at the expense of the safety and security of this nation. We now know, many years too late, of her selling out her office to nations and corporations who were all willing to pay her and her husband Bill who both betrayed us for their personal gain. It may take many more years to actual assess the damage done by this dynamic duo. Iran, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and the surge of Islamists have been pampered and are a danger to our very survival. It will be up to Trump to counter these enemies of ours and surmount the problems they present.

Israel is a major issue not only for us but for the survival of the entire Middle East. From day one of Obama’s presidency Israel has been the target for his hatred of that nation learned at the feet of his mentor, counselor and pastor, Reverend Wright. Trump, on the other hand has vowed to be a stalwart supporter and friend of the Jewish State. He has promised that one of his first acts in the WH would be the proclamation that our nation accepts Jerusalem as the permanent, undivided, irrevocable capital of Israel. We find it sort of soothing that even his wife and children support him on this issue. A bright, well brought up First Family to support the President. That is a first!

Trump has also indicated that he feels Israel and the representatives of the Palestinian people must negotiate any settlement of their issues between themselves. Unlike the Obama/Clinton/Kerry dangerous involvements that overtly sided against Israel, Trump, while openly supporting Israel will permit both parties to hash it out on their own. The Palestinians will no longer have our president run offense for them. It’s now put up or shut up time for them. Mr. Trump has also blasted the BDS movement both domestically and internationally. He will penalize any American corporation whether based here or overseas, that enters into a boycott of Israel’s products or services. As a businessman he knows how the game is played.

Trump will stop the wave of unvetted Muslims flocking into this country. He has been labeled an Islamophobe for his immigration stance but he has not wavered from his stated policy. A wall to block the illegal aliens from entering our southern borders will prevent our municipalities from having to feed, finance, medicate, school, house and have our law enforcement and judicial system overwhelmed with their problems.

We are not crystal ball gazers who will predict the outcome of Tuesday’s election. That will be in the hands of the American public . But it is our opinion that the election of Donald Trump as president would pull us out of the morass and chaos of the past eight Obama years. Whether nationally or internationally, we are losing ground to those who wish to diminish us to levels of third world countries. We were once the industrial leader and breadbasket to the world’s hungry. But now we are slogging our way without leadership and are seen as easy prey by our enemies. We hope and pray that on January 21, 2017 we will greet as our new President, Donald Trump.


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