DOB Issued 550 Covid-19 Violations on NYC Construction Sites Since July

New York City’s Department of Buildings has issued 550 across the five boroughs since July. Photo Credit:

By: Hadassa Kalatizadeh

New York City’s Department of Buildings has issued 550 across the five boroughs since July.

As reported by Crain’s NY, there were 213 violations in Brooklyn projects, 167 in Manhattan, 124 in Queens, 42 in the Bronx and four in Staten Island.   On the very first day of inspections, July 8, the DOB issued the highest number of violations, or 30 in one day.  The next highest number of violations, 29, was doled out on July 9.   After that the number of issues fell, with the highest day being on August 17, with 26 violations. On average the DOB issued roughly 13 per day since the start of the inspections.  Most of the sites had no more than one violation.  No violations at all were issued on August 4th or August 10th.

“We remain committed to ensuring the safety of our fellow New Yorkers and are pleased that the vast majority of construction sites in our city have implemented our new strict health regulations, ” DOB spokesperson Andrew Rudansky said in a statement.  The inspections check to see if construction sites have a Covid-19 communication plan, a designated safety monitor, cleaning log and contract tracking, or visable signage on elevators, as per the DOB.  Also all workers must wear masks unless they are able to maintain social distancing of 6 feet, and hand washing stations or sanitizers should be readily available.  If found in violation of any of these or other  safety protocols, employers and contractors can be fined up to $ 5,000.  The city is eager to use the fees collected, as it is strapped for cash following countless unpaid property tax bills and water bills.

The number of violations issued “reflects the seriousness that industry and the DOB take in complying with Covid-19 protocols,” said Lou Coletti, president of the Building Trades Employers Association.  Carlo Scissura, president of the New York Building Congress, also touted the industry’s compliance rate pointing at the low number of violations on construction sites so far.  “The health and safety compliance at the city’s construction sites has been extraordinary, agreed Gary LaBarbera, president of the Building and Construction Trades Council.

“Construction sites that do not follow COVID-19 safety guidance by failing to have a Safety Plan and/or affirmation posted conspicuously and available for inspection or failing to have at least one hand washing or hand sanitizing facility will be issued a Stop Work Order,” the DOB ordered.



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