Candace Owens Expertly Analyzes The Breonna Taylor Case


Popular Black  conservative social media figure, Candace Ownes ,  examines the entire Breonna incident, from her background, to the shooting, to the verdict and protests.


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“Breonna Taylor was heavily involved in drugs that were being trafficked by her Ex* (I stand corrected) boyfriend. Both her car and house were under surveillance for months before the police knocked and she chauffeured her Ex* to the trap house, and laundered money for him.” ~ @realcandaceowens They knocked and announced themselves. The drug dealing boyfriend also said they announced themselves, but does not remember a knock. A neighbor came out to see who was knocking. [so based on this witness, they knocked]. They knocked and/or announced themselves according to the boyfriend and independent witnesses. Also, Grand Jury Made it’s decision. END OF STORY. Allegedly, 8 out of the 12 jurors were black according to social media reports.. The jurors obviously didn’t think after viewing the evidence that the Police were responsible. Her boyfriend is responsible for her death. END OF STORY Also, Breonna Taylor has a checkered history, including a dead body found in her rental car. People need to Stop defending shitty people.

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