BLM Chaos Returns to Cities Nationwide, Violence, Hatred & Mayhem on Display


(TJV News) The Grand Jury decision involving the fate of the Louisville police officers involved with the botched no-knock warrant which resulted in Breonna Taylor’s death, brought a new round of chaotic protests, across the nation. None of the officers were charged with Taylor’s death, after it was determined that police identified themselves as they knocked on Taylor’s apartment door, during a no-knock warrant, they knocked 3 times, as per witnesses before breaking down the door, resulting in Taylor’s boyfriend firing at the police. Kenneth Walker, fired a gun at the officers he said he  believed to be intruders, who fired over 20 shots in turn. Ms. Taylor was shot five times, according to her death certificate.

On September 15, the city of Louisville agreed to pay Taylor’s family $12 million and reform police practices, including ending no-knock warrants  On September 23, a state grand jury indicted officer Hankison not for Taylor’s death, but on three counts of wanton endangerment for endangering a neighbor with his shots. The two other officers involved in the raid were not indicted

These circumstances lead to the following scenes across America. The protests in Kentucky, including the shooting of 2 officers was heavily reported on, however the events on many other major cities were basically only reported on by independent journalists on the ground. TJV rounded up the actual chaos of these protestrs, which most of the media will not show you !



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