Baghdad Heats Up: 4 Attacks On Western Targets In 48 Hours


TJV News

Iraqi Security Media Cell has confirmed a Katyusha rocket fell inside the Green Zone, specifically near a residential apartment,” an official US military coalition statement said. “Outlaw groups continue to target Iraqis,” it added.

On Tuesday, AFP reported that “three separate attacks in 24 hours have targeted Western diplomatic or military installations in Iraq, security and diplomatic sources said Tuesday, hinting at a new escalation between authorities and rogue groups.

A week ago the Pentagon announced that a major Trump-ordered American troop draw down from Iraq would begin this month.

In the past 48 hours, as Zero Hedge summarized

    • a Monday Katyusha rocket attacks on the US embassy
    • on Monday two explosives devices were detonated, targeting a U.S.-led coalition equipment convoy
    • a Tuesday morning IED detonation targeting a British Embassy vehicle
    • a Wednesday rocket attack on the US embassy


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