Who Will Be Selected to Replace Biden on the Democrat Ticket???


Next week, on August 17th, unless the world comes to an end or something more serious occurs, Joe Biden will be selected as the Democrat candidate for president. But look for him, shortly after the convention to develop some strange malady and be replaced by his soon to be named black female running mate as the top dog on the ticket.  From the daily, rapid decline in his mental acuity, it’s impossible for Joe to campaign non-stop until Election Day. Consider him a “short timer” on the ballot. Joe could not possibly remain in his basement after being nominated, hiding not from the Chinese Virus but from even the softball questions his friendly media pals might lob his way. One of these guys may break ranks and ask him to recite his social security number. That would be a problem.

Let’s take a look at the 3 top prospects for his second fiddle one of whom may very well find herself as first violinist for the party’s orchestra. Susan Rice is an accomplished liar, who for weeks after the Benghazi slaughter still blamed some obscure video maker for stirring up the terrorists whom she labeled as just ordinary folk riled up by the video. She’s also not only a firm Israel hater of the Obama type, she’s his protege. She’d open a wide window between America and the Jewish State.

Karen Bass, a California Congresswoman, carries the baggage of being a firm Communist supporter of Fidel Castro and his regime since her youth. At his passing she lamented, “The passing of the Comandante en Jefe, is a great loss to the people of Cuba. In college, she joined the Communist Venceremos Brigade and visited that island many times in support of its tyrannical government. She is now the chair of the Louis Farrakhan cheering squad, the Black Congressional Caucus. For her to assume our presidency would be disastrous for our democracy and for Israel.

Do not count out Michelle Obama as Biden’s (really the party’s) pick. She has immediate name and facial recognition. For some strange reason, she’s one of the most popular women world-wide. Although there is a mystery surrounding her surrender of her Illinois law license in the early 90’s, possibly for a violation, the only negative regarding her previous life is that she claimed, “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.” Strange, that having gone through Princeton and Harvard reportedly on affirmative action programs, she never had any respect for this country and the opportunities it has given her and millions of other blacks.

We’re certain that since the Obama’s left the White House and accumulated tens of millions of dollars, luxury homes and a future ripe with other financial goodies, Michelle might have a different view of this country if she ever makes it back to Pennsylvania Ave. If she does, lacking any experience at all in business, politics, management or anything to do with decision making, she’ll bring back with her Barack’s old staff, including Valerie Jarrett, who formulated the Iran policy that led up to Barack giving the Mullahs the OK to put together nuclear weapons they promise will be used against Israel. Jarrett has a family with a long line of Communists and has been planning for an Obama return to the White House since 2017. As for a President Michelle Obama’s policy toward Israel, look no further than an expanded hatred of Israel, far worse than her husband’s. Her female buddies, Congresswomen Omar, Tlaib, Cortez and Pressley, among others, will spell doom for the Jewish State.

In general, whomever is selected to fill the temporary VP seat until Biden is whisked away, will be bad news for Jews, Israel and our own beloved nation. Let the uncontrolled riots in our major cities scare the, “you know what” out of you and get you to vote to keep DJT in office.


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