Trump Admin to Roll Out Vaccine Pilot Program in 4 States


By Solange Reyner (newsmax)

The Trump administration is launching a vaccine pilot program in four states to plan and prepare for a national COVID-19 vaccination program, reports Roll Call.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plan to conduct site visits and develop “model approaches” for other states, starting with Florida, California, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

Vaccinating the entire population will be a challenge

“I think that’s why CDC is interested in working with a few key states to begin to think through how we’ll do this,” Minnesota Department of Health Infectious Disease Division Director Kris Ehresmann told reporters last week.

“I do think it’s important for people to think about, as we move into a time when there’s a vaccine, which we’re all very much waiting for, is that it won’t be a situation in which there will be enough vaccine for everyone right away. It will be a process.”

North Dakota Department of Health Immunization Program Manager Molly Howell on Monday said her state was selected because of “the strength of our immunization program.”

“Our teams have been working for weeks on a plan and we’re thrilled to supplement that work with this partnership with the CDC and the Department of Defense to plan and prepare for the COVID-19 vaccination response in North Dakota,” she said.



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