RNC Helps to Narrow Biden Lead Over Trump


By Tauren Dyson(NEWSMAX)

The Republican National Convention has helped President Donald Trump shrink the lead in national polling held by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, a new Morning Consult survey reported on Saturday.

The polls has support at 50% for Biden and 44% for Trump, while 7% remain undecided. That gap has closed a bit from the 52% to 42% advantage Biden held according to the August 23 Morning Consult poll before the RNC convened.

So far, Biden’s lead over Trump is still larger than what Hillary Clinton had over the billionaire at this time during the presidential race in 2016.

Since this year’s convention, Trump has cut Biden’s lead with suburban voters from 14 points to eight points. He has also increased his own lead over Biden with white voters from two points to eight points. But Biden did get a bump in Black and Hispanic voters.

The GOP convention centered around Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., lending support to the civil unrest in cities around the country, which has included violence.

The Morning Consult poll surveyed 4,035 likely voters on Friday and contains a margin of error of 2 percentage points.