NYC Plagued by More Shootings in Last 7 Months than in All of 2019

Brandon Hendricks, a 17-year-old high-school basketball star and academic standout, graduated just a week prior to being fatally shot in the Bronx. Photo Credit: Instagram

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More bad news for New Yorkers? It seems so. Despite dealing with the horrific effects of the deadly coronavirus and race riots, crime in the Big Apple is not only spiking to unprecedented levels but it has now been reported that there has been more shootings in the city than in all of 2019. The scary fact is that there is five months left in the year and by the end of December the number of shootings could possibly double.

According to a NY Post report, there have been 777 shootings in the city which beats the 776 that happened in all of 2019. The latest shooting victim was a 24- year old man who appeared to be bleeding from a gunshot wound as he walked into Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx on Saturday night, as was reported by the Post.

The man was met by NYPD officers at the hospital, according to the Post report. Speaking to the Post, a law enforcement source told the paper that the man said that he was outside at 135th Street and Alexander Avenue, just outside the Mitchel Houses project in Mott Haven, and had heard the sound of gunfire. He only realized he had been shot when he felt the pain of his injury, according to the Post.

Joseph Giacalone, a retired NYPD sergeant and an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice told the Post,  “It only gets worse from here. As the shootings continue, so will retaliation. It’s a vicious cycle that the NYPD worked hard to mitigate, but that they are no longer able and in some cases willing to do.”

Shootings in the city are not limited to any particular borough or neighborhood, as was reported by the Post. Thus far in the year 2020, there have been 942 people who were either killed or injured as a result of rampant shootings. And the victims are not limited to hang members involved in drug related crimes but innocent children, as was reported by the Post.

At the end of June, a Bronx teenager, Brandon Hendricks, who had high hopes of becoming a basketball star, was shot and killed as was 1-year-old Davell Gardner of Brooklyn who was shot while in his stroller at a barbeque on July 13th.

From Friday night into Saturday morning, five more shootings were recorded and three of them were fatal. The Post reported that they occurred in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

In the Clason Point neighborhood of the Bronx at about 11 pm on Friday night, the Post reported that police said a shooter wearing a mask shot 21-year old Shaiquan Wilson at a  gathering outside of 1741 Randall Avenue. The Post reported that the gunman was wearing a white mask and dressed in all black clothing. He also wore a hooded sweatshirt that was pulled over his eyes. In the NYPD surveillance video, the gunman could be seen walking up to Wilson, and pulling a silver handgun from his pocket, according to the Post report.

Forest Byrd, 34, was fatally shot at 1:35 am on Saturday in the Laconia section of the Bronx, according to the Post report. His shooter escaped.

A little after sunrise on Saturday morning, a 35-year old man was shot in the hallway of his apartment building in the Far Rockaway section of Queens. The suspect in that crime also is at large and has yet to be apprehended.

As to possible explanations as to why shootings have dramatically spike in the city, Mayor DeBlasio and senior NYPD officials have hypothesized that a number of issues may be causing this. Among them are the resentment directed towards police since the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis, the disbanding of the NYPD’s anti-crime unit, the coronavirus pandemic,  restrictive new legislation, and the since-debunked notion that inmates released under state bail-reform law were to blame, as was reported by the Post.


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