Nat Sherman The 90 Year Old Famed Cigar Emporium To Shut Doors in September Forver


By TJV News

The famed cigar emporium that in the age of serious non smoking laws, still allowed cigar and quality cigarette aficionados to smoke is closing their doors after 90 years, as NYC continues to lose everything that made the city the greatest city in the world.

Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne and Henny Youngman are just 3 of the famous names who would enjoy smoking a quality cigar or Nat Sherman brand cigarette. To this day, famous athletes, politicians and businessman would smoke alongside blue collar workers in this NY institution.

WSJ reported: Michael Herklots, vice president of Altria’s Nat Sherman International division, pointed to the fact that the emporium, situated near the corner of 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, saw much of its business from Midtown office employees. Now, about 90% of that customer base is no longer there, he said

Cigar aficionado pointed out:  Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest issue on retailers’ minds, a problem that has had an immediate and negative impact on sales: 43.7 percent of the shops who answered our survey said their 2020 sales were down compared to 2019, and another 14.9 percent said sales were flat.

Manhattan is slowly being erased due to corona virus lock downs and many New Yorkers also point to lack of direction and leadership from city officials

WSJ reported:

Many Nat Sherman loyalists have been coming for longer than they can remember. Todd Feldman, 60 years old, is among them. He stopped by on Tuesday to make at least one more purchase, buying about $800 of premium cigars.

Mr. Feldman said the store’s closing was a blow, especially at a time when the city is facing many difficulties.

“They’re taking everything away from us in New York,” he said.



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