Letters to the Editor


Bklyn College Judaic Studies Dept

Dear Editor:

In response to the recent letter by the entire Judaic Studies Department at Brooklyn College, who were offended by the JV’s July 15th column, “Bklyn College Going Down the Racism Drain,” firstly, I’m impressed that the whole department is speaking with one voice. They fall back on the now customary response of calling anything that exposes the special status people of color now expect, demand and receive at the hands of politicians, employers and especially educational institutions as “tropes of white supremacy and racist propaganda.” That knee-jerk response does not work in this instance. The President of their institution raised the red flag to her professors with these words: “We must identify and address the structural obstacles that Black students and students of color more generally face at the college,” adding, “We need to create stronger systems of support for their academic and career success.” It’s sad that 75% of BC’s student body is now “minority” and need special help.

Were they listening when Ms. Anderson, their plantation boss, called for greater diversity in hiring? Can these learned people read between the lines? It means that “Jewish professors” who can read, write and do long division, will be the losing victims of preferential hiring. And when they wrote in their letter that they will have to address “racial disparities in outcomes for Black and other students of color through voluntary professional development,” don’t they know this means to retain their jobs they will be taught how to apply different grading standards to minorities? Evidently, the school’s lower aspirations for kids of color will result in awarding them higher grades. I pity these people who take the knee for the destruction of their institution. These Jewish “useful idiots” opt to play the game of reverse racism and will eventually be tossed down the drain when their usefulness will no longer be needed.

Martin Pfeffer
Brooklyn, NY

A Jewish Manifesto: Long Overdue

Dear Editor:

In an age where 150 left wing groups just signed a letter, calling for a boycott of the ADL, saying it has a “destructive role”, “racist agenda, is “undermining struggles for justice.” In an age where the Democratic Socialists of NYC, just sent out a questionnaire to those running for City Council, asking if they “pledge NOT to visit Israel and if they support BDS against Israel; if not why?”

In an age where being a Zionist is now open grounds for being singled out, labeled a “white supremacist racist”, are we asking ourselves, what comes next? A list of all Zionists? A list of all Jews? Yellow armbands? Signs saying you are Not a Zionist in storefronts, in front of your homes, in classrooms, to avoid being besieged or boycotted? The Jewish middle class is still going about their daily business, hoping it will all go away. History teaches us this is just the beginning. If we don’t begin rising up, calling our Senators, Reps, demanding ALL Jewish organizations denounce this singling out of Zionists and Jews, we are lost.

Being a loud and proud Zionist transcends politics and policies.  Zionism says the Jewish people have a right to their (legal) Jewish homeland.  Period. When I read Eric Mandel’s,  “What should define pro-Israel in 2020 across the political spectrum?”, The Jerusalem Post, it lead me to believe we need to demand our own JEWISH MANIFESTO, using his guidelines.


  1. Being able to say the Land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people.
  2. That the state of Israel is entitled to exist as a Jewish and democratic state without qualifiers.
  3. Respecting, even if not agreeing, with the outcomes of Israel’s elections.
  4. Not supporting boycotts, divestment or sanctions in any form.
  5. Not allying with anti-Israel organizations that question Israel’s right to exist.
  6. If you are pro-peace but advocate in favor of the Palestinian narrative that Jews are not indigenous, the creation of the state is illegitimate, you cannot spin that as being pro-Israel.
  7. If you advocate for a binational state you are not pro-Israel.
  8. You are pro-Israel if you demand any resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict include an “end of conflict agreement” that all claims are forever ended, including the Palestinian right of return.

Either we rise up now. Or we start building a bunker. Our children will need one.

Chaim Weisenstein

Homework Assignment

Dear Editor:

Israel has 12 Nobel Prize laureates.  Yet there is not a word about this from mainstream media, either in the USA or the UK. Instead you are subjected to sloppy, unethical, inaccurate, Israel smearing, requiring retraction and correction, documented by Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting, https://www.camera.org/

A homework assignment: send Israel’s accomplishments to all mainstream media, their CEO’s, owners, reporters, editors, insisting they report the truth on Israel.  Follow up with relentless phone calls, letters, even lawsuits, until they begin reporting accurately and fairly.

“How Israeli Innovation Contributes to the World”


  • Israel invented drip irrigation, an incredibly efficient method of watering plants in arid climates.
  • Residents of El Talento, a small town in northern Colombia near Cúcuta, are now getting purified drinking water from the air, thanks to GEN-M, a medium-scale atmospheric water generator invented at Israel-based Watergen.
  • Israeli scientists have developed a solar-powered paint that can cool buildings the warmer it gets – reducing the need for air-conditioning.
  • Rewalk Robotics invented a robotic exoskeleton that allows people paralysed by spinal injuries to stand and walk again. The UK’s Claire Lomas completed the London Marathon using one.
  • Emergency Bandage, invented by an Israeli military medic is used to stop bleeding from hemorrhagic wounds in trauma situations.
  • ORCAM MyEye, is a portable, artificial vision device that allows the visually impaired to understand text and identify objects through audio feedback describing what such people are unable to.

The deliberate failure to report on the decades of No’s to all generous and fair peace offers, from Camp David to present, has to stop. The deliberate failure to report on Islamic, Arab, “Palestinian” media and textbooks which tell their children that Jews are evil, that killing Jews is a holy act of jihad, has to stop. We must demand it stop. Now.

Ginette Weiner