500 Hour Class to Wash Hair in a Salon? NY Legislators Propose Outlandish Regulation

Salon owner Shelley Luther holds a citation and speaks with a Dallas police officer after she was cited for reopening her Salon A la Mode in Dallas, Friday, April 24, 2020. Hair salons have not been cleared for reopening in Texas. Luther was asked by officials to close and was issued a citation when she refused. Luther said she will remain open for business. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Jared Evan

In the latest case of extreme zealous legislation, a new bill moving through the State Assembly and Senate will require “shampoo assistants” working in hair salons to complete a minimum of 500 hours of a 1,000-hour course in cosmetology. The completion of 500 hours will entitle applicants to a newly established “Shampoo Assistant Certificate”, the NY Post reported.

The legislation is sponsored in the Assembly by Carrie Woerner of Saratoga Springs and John T. McDonald III of Albany. A companion Senate bill was introduced by Sen. Jen Metzger of Middletown, according to the NY Post.

“It’s shocking that with so many New Yorkers out of work that some legislators want to throw obstacles in front of job seekers. Their focus should be on cutting taxes and regulations, not creating more,” added Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, a Staten Island Republican told local press.

According to research the average cost of a cosmetology class is $13,000. The shampoo assistant at a beauty parlor, usually works on tips and exceptionally low pay, usually a transitional job or a job for immigrants new to the country.

The job primarily involves draping the client, lathering the head, and rinsing, and odd jobs like sweeping hair off the floor. Currently there is no job description for “shampoo assistant” in the NY division of licensing services.

This latest absurdist proposal is a clear example of why NY state in general is one of the most unfriendly state in the republic to conduct commerce

Tax Foundation rankings for 2019 concluded:  New York ranked 49th overall in business climate, 48th for individual taxes, 43rd in sales taxes and 46th in property taxes.

Meanwhile, the Small Business Index Policy Index ranked states by friendliness towards small entrepreneurs: NY came in 47th and 44th for small business taxes.

Over regulations such as a 500-shampoo licensing course is another example of  the slow suffocation of NY state.

500 hours of classes to shampoo hair, an activity everyone in the world does for themselves daily in the shower, is something George Orwell could not have come up with.

OSHA requires courses for many important and skilled professions. For example, to work in the lucrative oil and gas industry you have to take a detailed safety class. To learn earn the essential safety concepts associated with the oil and gas industry, the OSHA class is only 230 hours in education. Plumbers, in order to work on gas lines also have to take an OSHA class, which on average is 80 hours. One could easily conclude, working on a gas line is a far more dangerous job than washing someone’s hair in the sink and sweeping the floor after a haircut.

“It’s crazy. Talk about being an obstruction to people getting after-school jobs or an entry-level job or being able to make a living while learning a trade,” Cam MacDonald, of the Empire Center for Public Policy, told The Post.











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