Upper West Side’s Hotel Lucerne Latest to Become Temporary Homeless Shelter

Hundreds of people in New York City have been moved from homeless shelters to the Lucerne, an Upper West Side hotel. Photo Credit: Pinterest
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By: Mike Mustiglione

Hundreds of people in New York City have been moved from homeless shelters to the Lucerne, an Upper West Side hotel.

As was reported by the NY Post, the Lucerne is one of 140 hotels citywide that DHS tapped since the pandemic broke out to take in the homeless, who are considered at greater risk for COVID-19 infection if they remain in city-run shelters. Some 13,500 single adults are now being put up in hotels.

While this has been a financial benefit to the hotel owners, who have been destroyed economically due to coronavirus, the end results are usually increased crime, drug addicts shooting heroin in front of the hotel, people defecating on the floor, and endless fights on the street.

Residents in the surrounding area in the UWS spoke to CBS news and claim they were not told about this until the last second and had zero input.

CBS reported: I’m worried about whether there are going to be a lot of homeless men just hanging around on the street,” said neighbor Jamie Berg.

“I have no problem taking care of these people, OK? I have no problem. But to put them at my back door, I am petrified. I am really petrified,” a neighbor named Carolee said.

Neighbors say they were not told about the decision until late last week. They had no input and no choice.

“It’s not right that we didn’t have any say, that they were just put here,” said Robert Montano.

“Well as soon as I knew, they knew,” said City Councilmember Helen Rosenthal.

Rosenthal said the city’s shelters are too crowded, often sleeping two dozen people in a room. So the city has been emptying its shelters, placing thousands of people in hotels to reduce the spread of the virus.

There’s a children’s school, which is about a block and a half away from here. How is that happening? So, I have concerns,” Montano said.

It costs an average $174 a night to put up a homeless person in a hotel in the city. Right now, there are more than 13,000 people sheltered in hotels as a result of this pandemic, CBS reported.

FEMA is supposedly paying the city 75 percent of the cost to house homeless in hotels during the pandemic, the program’s economics are mostly a mystery, according to the NY Post

The NY Post spoke to another local: Dorota Brosen, who lives across the street from the previously converted Belleclaire on West 77th Street, watched the Lucerne move-in and warned, “I see what goes on from my window. There’s drinking, smoking, and sleeping on the sidewalk. People are afraid to walk past.”

In areas such as Hells Kitchen and Times Square where hotels have been converted into homeless shelters, residents have experienced a whole slew of anti-social and vile behavior, including public acts of lewdness. The fears of the locals appear justified

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