Twitter Blocks Dr. Samadi for Hydroxychloroquine Comments

The fraudulent Lancet article which was retracted went head to head up against President’s belief in Hydroxychloroquine as a useful agent against Covid 19. Photo Credit: AP

By Marisa Herman (NEWSMAX)

When Dr. David Samadi, M.D., lead medical contributor for Newmax TV, logged onto his Twitter account on Wednesday, he noticed something was different. He couldn’t tweet out any messages.

Then he checked his email. In his inbox, an email from Twitter telling him his account “has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules.”

Samadi, a nationally renowned physician and surgeon dubbed one of New York City’s “top doctors” by New York Magazine, was placed on 24-hour Twitter timeout for breaking the social media platform’s policy on “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.”

This, for offering his professional opinion that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) treatment can be effective against COVID-19.

In one of the tweets flagged by Twitter, Samadi wrote, “Hydroxychloroquine works and has worked.”

Over the past several weeks, he said, he has tweeted about the coronavirus treatment HCQ – which has drawn opposition on the left, in part because of President Donald Trump’s support for it — because Samadi has seen studies showing the anti-malaria drug can work if it used early on in a patient’s coronavirus diagnosis. Several tweets about the medication appear to have landed Samadi in Twitter jail.

“If this medication can help one person, then I am all for it,” he said.

In a third flagged tweet, he ripped the media for not embracing the notion that hydroxychloroquine is an effective COVID-19 treatment. “Hydroxychloroquine works. This should be worldwide breaking news met with celebration!” he wrote.

“It’s major censorship,” he told Newsmax. “I have been in the media for 12 or 13 years and this is the first time I have been shut down.”

In another tweet, he called out The New York Times for calling the drug “unproven” even though “we’ve now gotten proof that hydroxychloroquine works.”

He also posted: “Why do you think the most important world leaders would be taking medicine if it didn’t work?”

GOP political consultant Anthony Angelini called Twitter’s move to lock Samadi’s account “extremely dangerous.”

“Why are they so afraid of this news getting out?” he asked. “What do they have to fear?”

Kris Ruby, CEO of Ruby Media Group, which specializes in health care public relations for doctors and social media marketing for doctors, said she believes that Twitter has “a long history of censoring conservative content.”

Samadi currently serves as the director of men’s health and urologic oncology at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, New York. He has in excess of 250,000 Twitter followers, doing medical commentaries on Fox News and other media outlets.

He said he can’t tweet or send any of his followers a message while his account is locked. His account is still active and Twitter users can still read his existing tweets.

As a surgeon who deals with life and death daily, he said he is always fighting for his patients’ lives.

After seeing reports that using HCQ with azithromycin can help patients avoid being placed on a ventilator, he said he began supporting the use of the drug as a treatment.

He said patients should be given the option of being treated with the medication; government should stay out of the discussion.

“This medication has been around for decades,” he said. “It is a safe medication.”

Touted by Trump early on in the coronavirus outbreak as a “game changer” in fighting COVID-19, the antimalaria drug has been labeled by some experts as non-effective and even dangerous. The Food and Drug Administration pulled its emergency-use authorization for hydroxychloroquine on June 15 after several studies showed it could increase the risk for cardiovascular complications.