Riots Rage Across America, Armed Protester Shot & Killed After Blocking Traffic & Approaching Vehicle


by Jared Evan

Hoards of black clad ANTIFA terrorists and assorted other activists  took to the streets in Austin, Los Angeles, NYC, Seattle, Georgia and other cities in solidarity with the ANTIFA insurrection in Portland

By most accounts the protest movement, now over 2 months long has morphed into an outright attempt to create pure chaos, attack and destroy. Most at the current riots, tend to be black clad, wearing protective helmets , armed with various weapons, and the majority are White.  This wave of violence seems to be driven more by ANTIFA, which is a branch of The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA than the BLM movement itself (which is also Marxist)

A protester was shot and killed last night in Austin. According to most accounts the victim was a regular at the protests and identified with BLM. Fox Austin reported that the victim was carrying a visible rifle, which is legal in Austin.

According to Austin Fox News affiliate:

The shots were fired a little before 10 p.m. within the 300 block of Congress Avenue. Police say the man that approached the vehicle may have been carrying a rifle.

The man was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

The suspect has been detained and is cooperating.

It was later confirmed the victim was actually interviewed hours before by a journalist who was live streaming from the protests.  The victim, Garrett Foster, according to the NY Times was out-front about him carrying a gun to the protests.

It appears  the shooter, acted in self defense out of fear, as Foster was part of a group allegedly approaching oncoming traffic and surrounding cars. Austin police thus far have not released any other information, other than the shooter’s cooperation

Meanwhile protests raged on in Atlanta.

Reports from Local media in Colorado

Rioters attacked a local courthouse and a driver drove through a crowd in Aurora, injuring several people. One demonstrator fired a weapon at the driver, according to police, and hit another demonstrator. The rioters set several fires.

The radicals, took over a highway, which is a common tactic,  when the driver drove thru the crowd and a weapon was fired.

In June, a driver stopped at a street by ANTIFA & BLM radicals, in Colorado was shot in the head by a BLM  protester, who was later identified as a lawyer. There have been hundreds of incidents of drivers getting stuck in the middle of a BLM ANTIFA protest getting dragged out of their car and beaten or shot.

If this driver stopped, there is a good chance there would be violence.

Here is video from yesterday’s incident

Drivers understand the dangers of being near these protests

Portland was a chaotic as ever:

Violent demonstrations continued at the Mark O.Hatfield U.S. Courthouse as rioters set fires and provoked clashes with federal law enforcement, who fired tear gas and left the courthouse itself in pursuit of rioters to disperse the crowd.

AP image of ANTIFA radical in Portland


NBC reported on NYC protests, another immense protest of anti-police radicals, the signs displayed their hatred and aggression towards police. While NBC did not report on it, the young radicals attacked police cars and there were some scuffles, however NYC was tame compared to other cities.

NBC reported:

Protests against police violence gained new life over the weekend as marches walked in solidarity with the activists facing off with federal authorities in Portland, Oregon.

On Saturday, thousands gathered in New York City and participated in a massive march across the Brooklyn Bridge to condemn the tactics used by federal law enforcement across the United States.

Marchers were accompanied by Street Riders NYC, a collective offering support to marchers by sending bikes to act as a buffer and shield protesters from cars and police.

Meanwhile in Seattle, the 2nd hottest spot for violent ANTIFA riots and now the city which will forever be known for the CHOP (occupied zone), where lawlessness, murder and a total takeover of a police station was permitted for several weeks

Breitbart reported : Police arrested 45 rioters on Saturday in the Capitol Hill neighborhood near the site of the former “CHOP” autonomous zones rioters threw explosives at law enforcement. Several businesses and public buildings were also vandalized.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles: Demonstrators smashed plate-glass windows at federal buildings and blocked traffic in downtown Los Angeles, one day after Mayor Eric Garcetti had reiterated his solidarity with the demonstrations in Portland, despite ongoing violence there. In other words, the mayor basically welcomed the destruction.