New Yorkers Fear For 2nd Wave of Coronavirus, According to New Poll

A New Poster being released from Governor Cuomo’s office telling the story of NY’s battle with the virus
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By Rusty Brooks

Even as NYC saw a milestone occur Saturday, as it was announced on  that there  no coronavirus deaths in the city and only 5 deaths statewide, a new poll revealed that New Yorkers are still terrified that another wave of COVID-19 can hit the state

The Siena College survey found that 62 percent of state voters think the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is still to come while only 27 percent think the worst is over, the NY Post reported.

A larger majority — 82 percent — of respondents think it is either very (39 percent) or somewhat (43 percent) likely New York will face another outbreak of the coronavirus in the fall. Only 17 percent said such an outbreak was unlikely, the NY Post reported.

New Yorkers apparently are not confident when they see the good news. The months of high death counts and intense fear the entire state experienced might have something to with these poll results.

Some would consider these good poll numbers, depending on your viewpoint on COVID-19.


Bloomberg reported:  The milestone came Sunday in initial data from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

It marked the end of a four-month stretch since the city reported its first Covid-19 fatality on March 11. The confirmed daily death count hit its height on April 7 at 597. Another 216 people were reported likely to have died from the virus despite no positive laboratory tests that day.

“New Yorkers have been the hero of this story, going above and beyond to keep each other safe,” City Hall spokeswoman Avery Cohen said in an emailed statement.

Meanwhile Sunday’s numbers for NY were released today New York reported 24,989 total statewide deaths of New Yorkers who tested positive for COVID-19.

There were 10 more fatalities in New York yesterday, City and State reported.

City & State reported: The state Department of Health is releasing guidelines Monday on how schools can reopen this fall. While they were not available as of publication time, Gov. Andrew Cuomo provided some details at a Monday press conference in Manhattan.

As the state Board of Regents announced its own school reopening guidelines, Cuomo unveiled a new formula that will determine when schools can reopen, and how schools might close again if infections surge. School districts have until the end of the month to submit their reopening plans, and the state will make its final decisions during the first week of August, the governor told reporters.

Schools will have to maintain social distancing, screen anyone entering and demonstrate tracing capabilities in order to reopen. In each of the 10 state’s regions, if the infection rate exceeds 9% on a seven-day average, then schools would have to close for in-person classes. Having below a 5% daily infection rate on a five-day average would be necessary to start reopening, City and State reported.







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