Letters to the Editor

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Against a Two-State Solution

Dear Editor:

Not speaking out against the two-state solution is not politics but it is a chilul hashem.

If we give in on any part of it, it is denying our right to any of it. Our right stems from the Torah; the borders are set by the Torah. This must be supported by Jews and non-Jews.

The same goes for fighting the Democratic party. We elected officials that are anti-7 mitzvos bnai noach; now we are reaping the fruits of that support with violence and anti-semitism.

We need to leave the Democratic party and teach the non-Jews the sheva mitzovs bnai noach and return the country to its founding principles. Please take the lead in these matters.

Silence is a sin! We cannot say no one will listen to me; we must do!

With best wishes for the geula,
Shmuel Koenig

BLM’s Agenda-Redistribution of (your) Wealth

Dear Editor:

On Friday night, Black Lives Matter storm trooped a residential area in Beverly Hills, shouted “eat the rich”, “abolish capitalism now” and tore down American flags.  Well, at least they’re more open about their true agenda–total redistribution of your hard earned income and wealth, and rejection of “capitalism” as an instrument of “racial oppression.”  I couldn’t help but notice the designer jeans and tops worn by this mob. Yes, they are a mob because they threaten, use violence and intimidation to force their agenda down your throat.  That is a mob.

I wonder what they will use to get more designer jeans or food or latte coffee when all the capitalist businesses are gone, when they have used up all the money they grabbed from society.  I wonder if they will be storm trooping Black millionaires like Beyonce, Michael Jordan, Oprah, and other successful capitalists who live in gate guarded mansions to protect themselves, in part, from mobs like this. I’ll bet they are not willing to have their hard earned millions taken away from them and redistributed.

I also wonder if this mob can point to even one successful Socialist country. There are none. Communist countries like China and The Soviet Union were forced to adopt evil capitalism because they wanted to eat and wear fun designer jeans. Canada and France have successful, socially liberal democracies, as political systems, with universal health care, safety nets for children, elderly, pregnancy, etc. but use ‘nasty’ capitalism as their economic system. This works.

When this mob runs out of designer jeans and food, I predict they will turn on themselves. I write this from the Gulag. I was sent there for having common sense, reading up on history, rejecting holding America hostage by violence, supporting individual achievement and personal responsibility for your lot in life. But the good thing is I am losing the weight I gained during the virus while here.

Selena Rodgers

Reverse Racism

Dear Editor:

The sign said “Black Owned Business” in the hopes the rioters would leave it alone. If the sign read, “Jewish, or “White Owned” what would happen? Flashback to the chill of 1930’s Germany when “Jude,” German for “Jew,” is smeared on store display windows. I am sure I am not the only one who got a similar chill about the specific targeting of synagogues and temples in L.A. So, supposedly in the name of fighting “racism” this crowd is using ethnicity and race to identify who is worthy of being left alone and who is not. Sure sounds like reverse racism to me.

“There are two primary groups that appear to speak for the movement:  The Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLM) and the Movement For Black Lives (M4BL).

While these groups masquerade as civil rights organizations, they are extremely radical.  They despise Western Civilization.  They are anti-Israel, and want to see the world realigned away from America.  Their manifestos emphasize issues far from the goal of racial reconciliation.

For example, M4BL declares on its website:

  • We believe that prisons, police and all other institutions that inflict violence on Black people must be abolished.
  • The current systems we live inside of need to be radically transformed, which includes a realignment of global power.
  • We are anti-capitalist: We believe and understand that Black people will never achieve liberation under the current global racialized capitalist system.

It is striking how much of the agenda is devoted to attacking the nuclear family, the bedrock of civil society. Statement from the BLM site, “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement.”

No borders, no capitalism, where only “people of color” rule because whites are inherently racists.  In this world, there is no place for the Jewish State of Israel. Whites, Jews, Israel are viewed as colonialist oppressors. The logical result will be the demand for the end to the “racist” Jewish state, for all “oppressed” Arabs to flood Israel. The Soviet Union, Communist China, wanted to eat, so they were forced to embrace capitalism. Looking for a role model? Try France, a liberal social democracy, universal education, health care for all, made possible by capitalism. This works. Not the radical anti West agenda, we now see being rammed down our ignorant throats, threatening our very foundations, bastardizing our history.

Harold Wallstern

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