Leftists on Twitter Melt Down After Biden Says “Arsonists & Anarchists” Should Be prosecuted

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Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden on Wednesday specifically addressed rioters in a statement, condemning “violence and destruction of property,” and calling for the prosecution of “arsonists and anarchists”.

Many leftists, immediately melted down on Twitter. Some of these radicals are prominent  members of the media , such as Chris Hayes and Bo Erickson, while LEe Carter is an elected to VA’s 50th House District.

This is where we are in 2020. Arsonist and anarchy is considered a legitimate form of protest.

Chris Hayes works for MSNBC  and Bo Erickson works for CBS, mainstream corperate media entries, not some fringe media outlets.

They ignore the “arson” part of Biden’s statement and focus on “anarchists”, and claim it is a legitimate political ideology. There is a ideology known as “anarcho-capitalism”, which does not condone burning down buildings, but is an economic ideology that favors no economic regulations, or taxes. Essentially it as extreme form of libertarianism, and has nothing to do with destruction and violence. Biden is obviously referring to “anarchists” who believe in burning stuff down & destroying everything. ANTIFA are not “anarcho-capitalists”, they are communist based anarchists.  We call this kind of word manipulation, intellectual dishonesty .

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