As the national organ of UJA, the Jewish Week and its staff have been well funded beneficiaries of the charitable behemoth. Each year, it is common practice for the UJA to dole out up to $500,000 to help keep the struggling print edition stay financially solvent.

A message from The Jewish Voice Advertising Sales Department

I’m reaching out to you from The Jewish Voice (, a leading source of news and information in the Jewish community and beyond) to make sure you are aware that we continue to be a strong, viable conduit through which your message can reach the potential clients and customers you would like to engage.

As you may or may not have heard, New York Jewish Week – with whom you currently do or have done business with in the past – is ceasing production of the print edition of their publication and moving to an online-only format. That makes this the perfect time for you to begin/rekindle a productive partnership with The Jewish Voice.

While our competitors may be in decline, The Jewish Voice is thriving. More and more people are subscribing locally, regionally, and nationally to our weekly print edition than ever before, and traffic to our newly refurbished, restyled website has increased exponentially since our relaunch this past March. Similarly, our daily digital newsletter continues to grow in popularity, as more and more readers choose to start their day by receiving our e-mail news bulletin in their inbox every morning. Our readership relies on us as a trusted source of breaking news and hard-hitting analysis, and you have the opportunity to benefit from building upon that solid foundation.

The Jewish Voice has the capacity and the marketing acumen and experience to help you attain optimal visibility and introduce your brand, your product or your service to a whole new audience, activating exciting new sources of potential revenue and/or resources for your business or organization.

Please consider establishing a relationship with The Jewish Voice, especially now, as more and more people in the communities we serve will be turning to us to get their news. I hope I’ve given you just a glimpse of the potential here, and would love the opportunity to connect with you to discuss in greater detail the options available to you at The Jewish Voice.

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