Hell’s Kitchen Real Estate Agent Fired After Meltdown Over Homeless Crisis

Scott Sobol, a former real estate agent for Compass in Hell’s Kitchen, has been let go from the brokerage because of video footage showing his insensitive behavior toward homeless people in his neighborhood, the NY Post reported. Photo Credit: linecity.com

By: Jared Evan

Hell’s Kitchen has deteriorated from a popular neighborhood for professionals into a heroin and prostitution hotbed, the block association does not seem too concerned and instead targeted a frustrated local resident.

A top-notch real estate agent in Hell’s Kitchen was fired after melting down over homeless people destroying the neighborhood.

Scott Sobol, a former real estate agent for Compass in Hell’s Kitchen, has been let go from the brokerage because of video footage showing his insensitive behavior toward homeless people in his neighborhood, the NY Post reported.

In the video, caught by a hotel security camera and shared with Steve Belida, chairman of the Hell’s Kitchen 49-54 Block Alliance, which then found its way to the neighborhood social media platform Nextdoor, Sobol is seen rolling empty beer bottles toward the Washington Jefferson Hotel where a group of homeless individuals have been congregating.

“I would just like to take a simple walk with my dog to the Dunkin’ Donuts, but now every day that walk requires stepping over multiple beer bottles, a used syringe, and a dirty condom,” he told The Post.

Apparently, one must accept total breakdown of society and destruction of property value in the new version of New York.

Hell’s Kitchen has fallen into total chaos, since the onset of the pandemic and became even more crime ridden and disgusting since the BLM protests took over the city. The area of West 42nd – West 44th St on 9th– 11th Ave, is literally a no-go zone. Locals told TJV that every night, you can witness heroin addicts, freely injecting on the street, violent beatings, gun shots ringing out and prostitutes engaging in sexual activity right on the street.

The NY Post reported: Sobol had spent more than six years with Compass, where his website bio — now taken down — lauded him as one of the company’s best producers and the “very first agent recruited from Douglas Elliman to join Compass back in 2014.”

In his June 11 email, Belida wrote: “We were given a video of a person coming out from behind a dumpster and throwing what appears to be bottles at a homeless resident…. We will not let hate rule our community.”

It would appear the Hell’s Kitchen 49-54 Block Alliance, needs a new leader. The “woke” chairman, finds more problems with a frustrated, real estate broker rolling beer bottles towards a hotel than the quick and steady erosion of a popular NYC neighborhood.

Sobol wrote on social media: “On my dog walk the other day,…, as I passed the WJ there was a pile of 11 beer bottles and in my frustration with the hotel & shelter management being complicit in the destruction of our community, I lost my cool and took three of the bottles and ROLLED THEM ON THE FLOOR back toward the hotel,” Sobol wrote.

“I am not throwing them and there is no homeless person outside. The gentleman you see [in the foreground] on the video is the manager you see at the hotel,” Sobol said.

On Facebook, Sobol has posted several videos where he can be heard complaining about trash, drugs, and homeless people. He often tagged City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and his chief of staff, Erik Bottcher, to demand action.

“Everyone is so politically correct, they would rather have hookers, offering $10 quickies in the middle of the street than do something about it. Rolling a beer bottle on the floor is a crime to the woke maniacs, the robberies and open sex and drug use, is not a big deal, I can’t wait to move out”, Lori a local resident and Broadway employee told TJV.