DNC 2020 Platform: “Israel Can Go to Hell”

The Four Fresh-women in the House, Omar, Tlaib, Cortez and Pressley. Photo Credit: YouTube
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The Democrat Platform for the 2020 elections is out and the Progressives among them have seen fit to shove. The Party is still further away from American Jews and Israel. Not hard for them to do given its leaders appear to be the Four Fresh-women in the House, Omar, Tlaib, Cortez and Pressley. But please understand the platform is not written in stone: It could even get worse for Israel at any time before and after the election. Recall that during the 2012 Dem convention the delegates actually shouted down (three times) the plank that supported Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This party is not Israel friendly, to say the least. This year’s stated policy is to support Iran by promising to return to the Obama Iran Nuclear Deal which guarantees Iran the bomb and guess where that would end up on……… Jerusalem as they promised. The 150 billion dollars to Iran by the Obama/Biden team plus 1.5 billion in small bills, perhaps as lunch money to the Mullahs was a promise of better things to come in the future…which might be near. Iran will support the Biden candidacy. Why not?

Rather then saying, “Jerusalem will remain Israel’s capital,” it merely states, “it should.” It even calls for more negotiations on that subject, indicating the topic is not yet settled. Prior to 2012, the Dem Platform stated that all Palestinian “refugees” would resettle in Palestinian controlled territory. No mention of this vital point this year. It promises to oppose any effort to unfairly delegitimize the Jewish State. Who will determine what is unfair or fair? Ilhan Omar?  The plan will continue to oppose Israel’s plans to extend sovereignty over Judea/Samaria claiming falsely that Israel is annexing rightfully owned Arab land. Not the case. There was never a state of Palestine. Biden himself, as Senator and VP even protested Israel’s housing construction well inside the borders of Israel. His battles with Israel’s then PM, Menachem Begin in 1982 are legend and threw  light on Joe’s hostility towards Israel. His support of Obama’s abstention on the vote to pass Security Council Resolution 2334 unanimously condemning Israel at the twilight of their terms, in December of 2016, says it all.  Not good news.

Nowhere in its platform does The Party call for the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza to repudiate terrorism, radicalism or violence. Nor does it call upon them to commit to peace, coexistence, democracy and even to accept Jews in their homeland if and when they get it. All of the above should be a requirement when discussing a “Two State Solution.” It never mentions any prerequisites. Nor does it state that for 27 years after the Oslo Accords the Arabs have yet to meaningfully commit to peace with Israel. Why not demand it…now?

Biden, in elected office over 40 years as Senator and VP has never been a friend to Israel as Trump in less than 4 years has shown himself to be. Jerusalem as capital, the Golan, the settlements, calling out Iran, de-funding the PA and UNWRA, tossing the PLO consulate out of D.C., support for the settlements, and his closeness to America’s Jews indicate that Trump may have saved Israel from extinction at the hands of the Muslim savages. A possible Biden presidency with the likes of Omar, Tlaib, Cortez, Pressley and Louis Farrakhan, ever in the background calling the shots, should cause chills to run up your spine. Your vote could cure that.

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