Chinese Ambassador to UK, Called out on BBC Over Shocking Uighur Detention Camp Video


Edited by TJV

During a Sunday morning BBC news program, China’s ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming was called out flatly on international TV about the disturbing videos secretly caught via drone last year, which have  resurfaced in recent weeks, gaining millions of views and reigniting allegations of Uighur people being mass shipped to communist ‘reeducation’ camps and sprawling detention centers. 

Andrew Marr, the host, played he videos and bluntly asked about what is going on.

Can I ask you why people are kneeling, blindfolded and shaven, and being led to trains in modern China? What is going on there?” 

To which Liu replied: “I do not know where you get this video tape. Sometimes you have a transfer of prisoners, in any country.” And Liu then questioned the authenticity and location of the video: “I do not know, where did you get this video clip?”

Here is the rare moment of a journalist taking China to task, even more fascinating it that it occurred on BBC.

Here is a more complete and clearer version of the footage Marr broadcast on BBC


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