Chaos In Portland, BLM Protests Rage On, Governor Finally Speaks after 5 Weeks of Madness`


Protesters in the uber-liberal, predominantly White city of Portland have taken to the streets every day for more than five weeks to decry “police brutality”, while pushing the hard-line anti-White, anti-Israel, anti-American  BLM & ANTIFA  ideology.

Portland has escaped corporate media scrutiny for weeks as the violence raged on, the media repeated the mantra “peaceful protests”

Violence , by what the corporate media describes as “smaller groups”, is allegedly  dividing the movement and drawing complaints that some white demonstrators are co-opting the moment.

ABC News reported:

Late last week, some protesters barricaded the doors to a police precinct a half-block from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and set fire to the building, which also houses Black-owned businesses, including an Ethiopian restaurant and a barber’s school. Two nights later, a potluck at a park in the heart of the Black community morphed into another violent clash with police, who unleashed tear gas to quell the crowd of several hundred people.

What is astonishing is how entities like ABC news will report on the violence and in the same breathe use words like “marred” and “handful” and “mostly peaceful”. After 6 weeks of violence, destruction, deaths, brutal beatings & hundreds of reverse racism incidents of blacks violently attacking whites, the media is still telling you the violence is the exception to the rule.

According to reports, Black protesters are getting fed up with the “woke” White protesters, who are literally destroying Black business.

ABC  continued:

On Friday, a Portland man was arrested for his role in an overnight attack on the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams said. Rowan M. Olsen, 19, aka Kiefer Alan Moore, was arrested by Federal Protective Service officers early Friday morning, he said in a news release. Olsen is scheduled to appear in federal court on Monday, Williams said.

The change has angered and frustrated some in the Black community, who say a “white fringe element” is distracting from their message with senseless destruction in a city where nearly three-quarters of residents are white and less than 6% are Black.

“This is NOT the Black Lives Matter movement. This is chaos,” Kali Ladd, executive director of KairosPDX, wrote in a Facebook post. “These white actors are enacting dominance in a different form under the guise of equity … White supremacy has many forms.”

So in other words, Black protesters are claiming the White protesters are taking over their movement and it’s “White supremacy” at work !!  Translation the radical left are eating each other .

If you look at video footage from around the country, it is true most of the fires being lit and buildings being destroyed are being done by White rioters. There seems to be 2 different agendas at play, one a civil rights movement against police brutality and another movement based on destroying and toppling America itself.

Gov. Kate Brown on Friday urged the Portland Police Bureau to de-escalate nightly tensions with a group of protesters that she said have “repeatedly taken to the streets with the intent to destroy property”, at the same time she attacked the police for using tatics to quell the insanity.

While she noted that “this group has repeatedly lit fires, thrown rocks, bottles, fireworks and other objects and have put the safety of others at risk,” Brown said the police response has gone too far, MSN reported.

The governor has tied the police’s hands behind their back, while expecting them to stop the madness.

MSN reported: “Use of force, regardless of its legal justification, will do nothing to solve the underlying concerns of racial justice and police accountability raised by the protests,” Gov Brown  said. Said she is “disturbed” by the bureau’s use of crowd-control munitions, which include distraction grenades, pepper spray and tear gas. Under a court order signed in June, Portland police aren’t allowed to use tear gas unless officers believe lives are in danger.

Like all leftists, she is more concerned with how rioters and degenerates who are committing acts of literal insurrection are being treated by the police than the destruction and violence itself.

Here are scenes from Portland. Look carefully, as this will be your neighborhood too, if you don’t speak up against the radical left, who are using this to literally end America.

Even with of of Twitter’s censorship issues, you can get a better picture of the BLM protests thru these accounts as opposed to what broadcast journalism allows you to see.


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