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BLM’s Antisemitism & Anti-Americanism Must Be Discussed Bravely & Without Fear of Reprisal

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Jared Evan

While local government officials in “blue cities” are taking a knee for BLM, as Hollywood and corporate America are reaching into their pockets to give to BLM millions upon millions  there is a minority of vocal voices speaking out every day about the motivations and background of the BLM movement’s Marxist beginnings.

TJV has written and researched several articles the last 7 weeks as BLM has swept  the nation, tracing BLM to modern day Marxists and receiving funding from long time socialist think tanks, we even discovered an actual terrorist from the 60’s Weather Underground who was fundraising for BLM.

A radical front has basically swept the nation, using the name Black Lives Matter to make it more difficult to stand up to. Who wants to say” I don’t support black lives matter” after all?

It would seem many are placating the violent hoards by generously giving to a foundation they know little about , while there are some who are quite aware of that BLM is really about.

It is even more alarming to see main stream Jewish organizations financially and spiritually supporting BLM. Their rhetoric is filled with angry, hostile anti Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment.

It was a sad day for many Jews in NYC  to witness elected officials  give the blessing for  a 3rd BLM mural in the city, this time in front of the most pro Israel president in America’s history famous building in the heart of the city, Trump tower. Many Jews feel abandoned as the city is out in the open supporting this nefariously Marxist anti-Israel group.

The Jewish Voice ran into Karen Lichtbraun , chapter chairwoman of Yad Yamin of NY on Thursday Afternoon in front of Trump Tower as Mayor de Blasio was having the Department of Transportation paint Black Lives Matter.

Yad Yamin  describes themselves as “an idea that Jews can & must stand up for ourselves – unified, in the face of Jew hatred.. We stand up for the vulnerable Jews & pro-Israel advocates who who have been the victims of repeated intimidation & hatred”

Bravely she stood basically alone among media and a few anti BLM protesters bravely speaking a message.  She told the Jewish Voice  ” I came to do observe the event, I saw the workers from the DOT painting and some others joining in, I asked them why don’t all lives matter too? I let them know that it’s insulting to only paint BLM, It’s important to point out the blatant antisemitism within the movement, I told them this is only going to  exacerbate tension in our city, the  antisemitism in BLM movement is not being addressed by the media, it’s important to educate people, BLM is rooted in Anti-Americanism and antisemitism, I had to speak out”

She spoke to media at Trump Tower about the antisemitism of BLM


One can support Black lives without supporting Black Lives Matter, which is a separate entity on to itself. With education, we can change the language, because as of now they are winning  and it’s almost if by fear of more riots people are forced to embrace BLM . You have to fear for your life and livelihood  by saying ” I support all lives” or daring to stand against BLM. The paradigm must shift. I’d imagine this is what it feels like to live in a dictatorship where you have to obey the leader and party .

America feels different, there is literally a group intent on changing our American values into a Marxist system that has gone main-stream and critics are being silenced. The average person literally has no voice, if one angry statement or Tweet about BLM or the riots finds it’s way into your bosses hands and in an instant you can be cancelled.

Talk radio hosts, the occasional TV pundit like Tucker Carlson,  & conservative media are the only voices speaking the truth about BLM, but most people do not tune into conservative based programming, most people do not live and breathe politics,  it should be our rights as Americans to discuss BLM as much as we want without fear of reprisal.

Many American Jews have no idea how vehemently anti-Semitic this group is.  Recently  RAI sent a press release out trying to get thru to the orthodox community about this subject:

The Rabbinical Alliance of America has concerns with anti-Semitism within the ranks of the Black Lives Matter movement. Recently, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic slogans were expressed during a July 1, 2020, march held in Washington DC. The marchers carried Black Lives Matter and pro-Palestinian signs. Protesters at the demonstration chanted, “Israel, we know you, you murder children, too.” The demonstration was billed as an event in support of the Days of Rage called by the Palestinian Authority and other groups to protest Israel’s consideration of proclaiming sovereignty over parts of the West Bank.
The march, from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building, referred to Israel as a, “puppet master of continents,” an old conspiracy theory alleging that Jews rule the world. The marchers equated the Israeli occupation of the West Bank with genocide. Nothing can be further from the truth. Israel does not engage in genocide and has no intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. There is no sound logical nor legal basis to compare Israeli occupation of the West Bank to genocides of the 20th century, such as those in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, or Armenia, or the Nazi Holocaust in Europe. Each of these travesties constituted a devious, calculated and evil plan to destroy specific ethnic groups, and each of these crimes against humanity killed hundreds of thousands to millions of innocent people who were murdered solely for who they were. Israeli does not systematically kill anyone and any claims to that effect are merely nefarious lies used to stir hatred. Further, the Black Lives Matter platform fails to address the use of violence by Hamas, including the rocket attacks against Israeli civilians that Human Rights Watch has classified as a war crime.
A review of the platform of the Black Lives Matter revels that the movement labels Israel an “apartheid state.” Black Lives Matter has joined with the BDS movement in calling for the total academic, cultural, and economic boycott of Israel, a demand made for no other country.


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