As China Dominates Hong Kong, Will Progressives Stand with Trump ? Doubtful

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For the past four years, all we’ve heard from our Progressive leaders and their front line shock troops, those in the mainstream media, has been that our most ominous threat was from Russia. Russia!! Russia!! Russia!! We see that now as a lie, a dangerous one. We must understand that it was China all along that, aided by these distractions, was creeping up on us, beating us on all fronts. We were mesmerized into inaction by fearing toothless Russia.

China, quietly throughout the years, has built, maintains and controls major maritime ports around the world. Holland, Italy, Malta and Turkey have their key commercial harbors run by the Chinese. Most of the seaports in Africa are in their hands. Both ends of the Panama Canal are now controlled by China. And to top it off, they control our own ports of Miami, Houston and Los Angeles. Do you still think, RUSSIA?

But China’s goal of world domination relies not only on its financial and trading prowess. Its military strength is a major growing factor in its plans for world domination. And that nation understands the psychology of fear. Just the intimidation of its threats to use military force to conquer an enemy may just be enough. Look at Hitler’s acquisition of Czechoslovakia and Austria in the 1930’s. China is a copycat. It ripped up its treaty with Great Britain and has now taken over Hong Kong. Has Britain retaliated against China? Not one bit. For years it has threatened Taiwan with war to include that democratic Chinese island into its empire. Their current cold war could escalate tomorrow into a hot one. And where would that leave the United States? Good Question.

President Trump is the first president to have attempted to stem the imperialistic goals of China. He was alone, among the world leaders to speak out against the Hong Kong takeover. Now Trump has sent an unprecedented two fully escorted carrier strike force into the South China Sea. This major, military move of utilizing the power of the USS Nimitz nd the USS Ronald Reagan to confront the Chinese, was, according to a US Navy spokesman, intended to signalize a fee and open Indo-Pacific. It’s a signal to the free world that we will finally, once again, assume the role to defend the right of all nations to free movement of ships by international law. Will this nation stand alone? Again?

But where are our Progressive/Liberal elected leaders? Will they support our move? We predict they will condemn these actions as “warlike,” “provocative,” and “scary.” Look to the comments that will emanate the likes of House leaders such as Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib Ilhan Omar and OAC to call for us to back down claiming we must first solve our own domestic problems relating to the Chinese Virus and, of course, racism and white privilege. Our money is that they will side with our enemy, China to give that nation credibility with the revolutionary crowd now undermining our nation. We stand with our President’s firmness in the face of dictators and rogue governments and support his actions to stem the imperialistic goals of China. He must not stand alone!

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