Violence Continues at BLM Protests, Shooting in Utah, Praying Catholics Attacked in St Louis by BLM Minions

(Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

by Jared Evan

The National media spotlight has been taken off the George Floyd BLM protests, however horrible acts of violence and provocation continue at these events.

The BLM is deeply rooted in Marxist ideology, so it should be no  shock they are attacking religious symbols. In late June the destruction of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park statue of St. Junipero Serra was an event that rattled Catholics in the city. Many feel this is only the beginning of attacks on religious symbols and institutions.

Catholic World report wrote: The toppling of St. Junipero statues—replete with the desecration of the sacred symbol of the crucifix—is quite likely just the start. Black Lives Matter leaders in the same mold as Shaun King—a former Protestant pastor—are now calling for the removal of all images of what King calls “white European Jesus.”

Jews are also terrified of this Leninist tinged movement which is sweeping America and Europe.

ZOA Wrote about extensive damage to Los Angeles and other Jewish business and houses of worship : ZOA condemns the anti-Semitic defacement of and vandalism against synagogues, Jewish schools and numerous Jewish businesses in Los Angeles, including: Congregation Beth El; Congregation Beth Israel; Congregation Tivereth Avi; Morasha Educational Center; Shaarei Tefilah Synagogue; Kehillas Yaakov Congregation; Baba Sali Congregation; Shalhevet School for Girls; the Kosher Mensch Bakery and Kitchen; Ariel Glatt Kosher Market; Syd’s Pharmacy and Kosher Vitamins; 75 percent of Jewish businesses in the area; and the Raoul Wallenberg statue. We are deeply troubled that these synagogues were damaged and defaced with anti-Semitic messages such as “F—Israel’ and “Free Palestine.” We also condemn whoever threw bricks through the windows of the 200-year-old Reform Congregation Beth Ahabah in Richmond Virginia; and the arson attack on St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C., all incurring in recent days. We are pleased that there were no known cases of mosques being damaged or defaced.

Meanwhile, the violence continues as multiple reports and videos indicate Black Lives Matter protesters attacked Catholics praying near the Apotheosis of St. Louis statue in St. Louis, Mo. Below is this sickening video of innocent people of faith being attacked by violent, brainwashed revolutionaries .

In  Utah a shooting occurred at a BLM protest.  A pro-police counter protester was shot by a BLM  activist in Down town Provo. Here is the full report from a local Fox Affiliate.




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