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The Madness of Demeaning our Cops

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There is an unprecedented, dangerous anti-police and law and order cloud that is sweeping over and threatening the safety and security of all of us. Members of our law enforcement community, male, female, black, white, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, gay, straight, all put their lives on the line each day to keep us safe and secure. During 2019, 147 law enforcement officers around the country were killed in the line of duty: 50 shot to death.

Sadly, the figures for this year will be higher due to the venomous hatred promulgated by the likes of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA movements. This trend, this growing antipathy, distrust and anger displayed against our cops has to be squelched. The claim that because two black men were killed while resisting arrest for alleged criminal behavior by white cops should not incriminate nor tar the entire roster of 700,000 in that profession. But what politicians will take the first step to stand up for our cops? Strangely, our progressive oriented elected leaders seem to be leading a dangerous move to defund, even obliterate police departments in our most crime ridden cities. Is this madness?

Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti has erased $250 million from his city’s PD budget. Photo Credit: AP

Right here in NYC, Mayor DeBlasio has disbanded the 600 member undercover, plain clothed, anti crime unit.. That’s an overt signal for gangs and foreign terrorist groups to give sighs of relief. They no longer have to worry about their criminal organizations being infiltrated by law enforcement. Who will pay the penalty for this move? You, I and millions of other common citizens. But mainly, minorities, including blacks. Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti has erased $250 million from his city’s PD budget. These funds will go into so-called social service agencies staffed by political appointees, not geared to maintain the safety of a city already steeped in crime. Back in 2017, the city’s homicide rate for blacks was 21.4 per 100,000. For whites it was 3.6. And blacks want a reduced if removed police force? Is this madness?

Do you recall the marches of Black Lives Matter groups in NYC, where the chant coming from thousands strutting down Fifth Avenue was, “What do we want…Dead cops!” and “Pigs in a blanket. Fry ‘em like bacon?” The result was the assassination of NYPD officers in the streets and in their patrol cars We’ve seen horrific videos of city cops being doused with liquids and just walking away, fearful of law suits initiated against them charging “racist police brutality” if arresting these “youths.” Low police morale and the loss of official backing results in more crime in low income communities. Is this madness?

Criminals hate cops. Law abiding citizens of all stripes and colors  need them for their safety. We are, to all intents and purposes, helplessly, observing our elected federal officials, mayors and governors bending knees to the demands of the  BLM and ANTIFA manipulated mobs to destroy our law enforcement agencies countrywide. Yes, this is madness.

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