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Radical Influence of the BLM Cult : Local City Leaders Move to De-fund Police Forces

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Jared Evan

After the smoke had cleared from over a week of  virtual signaling protests, unbridled animalistic  violence and murder , and things calmed down a little, a big part of the BLM agenda started rising from the destroyed rubble of former stores, churches, destroyed American monuments, &  vandalized synagogues…. de-fund the police.

Even more absurdist than the BLM plank itself is the fact that actual elected officials are listening to the unhinged, deranged, cult of Black Lives Matter.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, BLM is a cult, a well organized cult run by long time communists. Accuracy in media reported:

The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) casts itself as a spontaneous uprising born of inner city frustration, but is, in fact, the latest and most dangerous face of a web of well-funded communist/socialist organizations that have been agitating against America for decades.

Accuracy in media exposed the entire Marxist/Leninist organization disguised as a “social justice movement” – you can read the well documented history of this insidious Marxist cult by clicking here 

BLM pushes heavily it’s agenda planks, one of which is committal to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.  One thing you will notice when talking to cult members of BLM is the way they all respond to questions in identical ways when a sane person asks them to explain their goals. A saucer eyed mind-washed BLM adherent will tell you something like this, when you ask them about the desire to destroy the nuclear family:”Our culture is structured so that the nuclear family is expected to exist in isolation, without a network of support from neighbors and relatives. Even the strongest and fittest people find that way of living stressful, because that’s not how humans are intended to live.” The cult member has to suspend actual reality, to believe this. Our society was not founded on cutting off your family from relatives and neighbors, this statement is literal pseudo-intellectual psychobabble. If you buy this garbage, you will surely buy into the rest of their stupidity.

Thousands of videos circulating from the protests show, mind-washed Caucasian BLM cultists on their knees in front of African American cult members , begging to be forgiven  for  their “white privilege”. This would be fine if nobody took the cult seriously, like most fringe groups.

The problem is most of corporate America takes this seriously and capitulates to their demands and mental illness. The latest example LEGO decided to stop making policeman LEGO figurines because of wanting to “fit in” with the cult. Next LEGO wants to stop making fireman figurines, because somehow fireman are racist too?

Even more terrifying are the  actual elected officials taking this cult seriously.

The Independent reported: “Mayor Eric Garcetti announced at a press conference on Wednesday night the city would “identify $250 million in cuts so we can invest in jobs, in health, in education and in healing” following demands from the Black Lives Matter movement and other activist groups to divest funding from the Los Angeles Police Department”.  

Imagine the old Charles Manson Cult dictating public policy? This is where we are today.

The Guardian pointed out: “To see legislators who aren’t even necessarily on the left supporting at least a significant decrease in New York police department [NYPD] funding is really very encouraging,” Julia Salazar, a New York state senator and Democratic socialist, told the Guardian on Tuesday. “It feels a little bit surreal.” 

Even this radical socialist admits that this is surreal. De-funding the police has actually become a serious discussion.

NY1 reported:

Anthonine Pierre, Deputy Director at the Brooklyn Movement Center, is part of a coalition of police and criminal justice reform groups calling for a restructuring of the NYPD’s budget. “It’s time to defund the police, it’s time to take $1 billion from their budget,” Pierre said. Advocates are calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to slash the NYPD’s $6 billion budget.  Instead, they want the mayor to redirect funds to youth services and social programs — all which they say will be needed as the city’s most vulnerable recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis. The call to “defund the NYPD” is likely to become a flash point in this year’s budget negotiations. A budget agreement is due at the end of June. 

Considering most of the City Council are made up of social justice warrior limousine Marxists & De Blasio’s admitted socialist idealism, this is something New Yorkers  have to take seriously.

Imagine NYC with a police force severely trimmed…. $6 Billion budget cut is the proposal of the activists. Our politicians listen to BLM and other social justice groups over the average American.

People for 3 months could not attend their own families funerals over coronavirus, but when  BLM wanted to protest and destroy NYC, the politicians granted instant protest permits, the virus takes second fiddle to the demands of the cult.

When business owners protested the lock-downs in front of Gracie Mansion , they were swiftly arrested for not following social distancing. However, when BLM  decided to have a huge protest resulting in curfews and billions of dollars in destruction and cops in hospitals…  Instant permit. Rioters are more important than small businesses.

So, do not be shocked if NYC and other major cities start destroying their police forces. The same people who want to de-fund the police are notoriously anti 2nd amendment too.

When BLM speaks, Democratic leadership jumps.

No cops, no self defense….. Welcome to the new normal.


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