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PBS’ Moral Compass Gone Missing

Dear Editor:

On May 26th, PBS aired “Viral” Anti-Semitism in Four Mutations.”  Why would PBS interview Bill Clinton extensively on the resurgence of Jew hate today, out of the many other voices whose knowledge of, and first hand experience with Jew hate is more extensive, and who have the actual moral authority, backed up by their deeds and words, to speak on this issue.

As PBS well knows, Clinton attended Aretha Franklin’s funeral, stood next to and shook the hand of vicious open Jew hater, Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan, instead of refusing to attend. Alan Dershowitz said, “… I think any president should have said, ‘No. If you want me on the stage, you can’t have a bigot like Farrakhan sitting next to me.  You just can’t mainstream and allow legitimacy to a man who has expressed the kind of hateful views he’s expressed of Jews, of white people, of gays.” Democratic New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, called the Nation of Islam leader “America’s Black Hitler” and Clinton’s sharing of the stage with him “shocking”…Farrakhan, front and center, treated like royalty? In spite of his crude, vicious comments about Jews, whites, gays, he is placed up front with President Clinton?”

So, how to explain this appalling choice of Clinton whose moral authority should have been deemed lost by PBS and all of us.  If Bill Clinton attended a funeral where a Neo Nazi, a David Duke was given a prominent platform and shook his hand, would you also excuse this and go ahead and interview and feature Clinton on a documentary on racism???

Your “logic” fails me. I would have to make the assumption that you are joining with other would-be “progressives’’ who are routinely excusing someone’s Jew hate if they like their other positions on issues or if they perceive someone as being a fellow “progressive”, a new form of selective amnesia.  This is the poster child for how Jew hate is fast becoming part of the norm, looked away from and excused.

Guess what, when you stand next to, and shake the hand of antisemite Louis Farrakhan, you lose your moral authority to be interviewed about, of all things, Jew hate! PBS has become part of the problem. You owe all Jews an apology, and an explanation. Spend more time on researching your moral compass and less time on trying to sound holier than thou.

Ginette Weiner


Thinks Jews Should Call Mayor DeBlasio Out

Dear Editor:

I knew how antisemitic our Mayor Bill Di Blasio is, but he really put the icing on the cake today.  In the face of growing violence and arson and vandalism that took place last night near the Barkley Center in Brooklyn he still condoned large gatherings of huge amounts of unruly people who for the most part were not wearing masks and stood right on top of each other screaming in each other’s faces.  He did denounce violence, of course, but he invited thousands to keep on demonstrating with no regard to the virus spreading.

He never mentioned “Social Distancing” or masks which is is stressed on television commercials from the City’s Board of Health.  They play these public messages every 5 minutes day and night. Right now at least 6 States in America are experiencing surging new cases of Covid 19.  New York City can’t even have outdoor dining yet, but crowds of thousands can stand on top of each other.

When the Jewish people in Crown Heights attended an outdoor funeral of a beloved Rabbi, they were quickly dispersed and Di Blasio cautioned he will not tolerate anymore of their gatherings in public.  He threatened heavy fines for every Jew who was caught in large groups.  But now it’s ok to hold signs and scream and rant with no regard to who may now get sick.  Mayor you are a bigot and it’s time the Jewish people called you out.

Elissa Maldonado


NYC & the Green Initiative

Dear Editor:

Ever since the Green initiative began to push people to ride bicycles all over the City, things have gotten very dangerous for those of us who actually still walk.  They installed  bike lanes all over my neighborhood which is Gerritsen Beach/Marine Park, Brooklyn. My husband and myself are seniors and we walk our dog every day about 3 miles or more.  We find ourselves to be under siege from inconsiderate, selfish lawless bike riders.

To make matters worse, during this dangerous time in the midst of a global pandemic, they are all unmasked and whiz past us at great speeds nearly knocking us to the ground.  They come way too close for comfort, almost striking our dog several times.  If we dare to say something, or point out the bicycle lanes that are unused most of the time, they curse at us or threaten us.

There is no enforcement of dangerous bicycles tearing down the sidewalks.  The City wasted millions with these bicycle lanes and they are mainly empty in Brooklyn,  It’s time someone stood up for the people who  are not trendy. We don’t jog, we don’t ride a bike, we simply get our daily sunshine and exercise by walking.  What about our rights?

Ramona Rivera

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