Let’s Keep Only the Good Cops

The calls for doing away with our cops and our border security the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), would lead to chaos. Photo Credit: AP
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The future of our nation, its history and glories, together with its future for all of us and our families now has a shroud like-dark curtain descending over all. Our own editorials, sadly, have to reflect on this situation since most of the other local media of all sorts, are fueling our descent into hell. They are advocating the eradication of nearly 250 years of constitutional law and order and replacing it with outright lawlessness and mass chaos. Their cries, emanating from the basest street thugs now rendering cities unsafe for their citizens, to a likely presidential candidate, are all calling for the defunding or eradication of our police departments. They are nuts!

We agree there is a need for police reforms. Let’s start the process with the erasing of union rules, signed into law by our political leaders that permit rogue cops to continue serving in our communities. We’re for more transparency in outing those officers who’ve committed offenses against citizens while on duty. They have to be removed, fired and taken off the job. This group makes up a tiny percentage of cops on the force. We’re aware of lousy teachers, lawyers, doctors, judges and congresspeople.

Do we paint their entire groups with the wide brush of being corrupt, inept and incompetent? No, we single out the bad eggs and deal with them, one by one and give those who do their jobs smoothly, and efficiently the pats on the back they deserve. Those who are engaged in law enforcement deserve the same treatment. But all cops seem to be in the cross-hairs of half of our elected leaders. This movement is scary.

The calls for doing away with our cops and our border security the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), would lead to chaos. Already, many communities have early-released tens of thousands of violent criminals from incarceration and under our state’s recent bail reform laws, many more are arrested, brought into courtrooms and immediately released under their own recognizement to continue their lives of crime.

Thousands of criminal illegals are let loose into the streets without the Feds being called in to deport them. They are a protected species. With the tilt of the courts leaning to the side of criminals, who will protect us, ordinary citizens from a growing army of culprits who deem themselves invulnerable to arrest, if cops are reduced in number or just eliminated?

Progressives start to mumble under their breaths when asked who will replace our current law enforcers on the streets. Some claim that locals can do the job. In other words, residents of high crime areas would maintain their own forms of law enforcement. Do you recall when NYC’s local communities that were given the responsibility of running their own schools with Community School Boards hiring teachers, principals and other staff? Disaster ensued.

We support our cops, the good ones. Let’s honor them by screening out the incompetent ones, the villainous ones, those who flout the rules of law. That way our communities will be safer with our citizens guaranteed their rights afforded them by our Constitution and local statutes.

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