Is COVID-19 Weakening? Recent Studies Claim Virus Less Potent

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By TVJ news

With almost 7 million people infected worldwide and the current death count at 393,000 COVID-19 is still a major issue worldwide.

In America, the amount of infected with COVID-19 peaked with 36,130 newly infected on April 24, and has lowered to as of yesterday 23,000 new cases. This number got as low as 16,000 on June 1st before a slight increase in new cases. COVID-19 deaths peaked on May 6th with 2,700 perishing from the virus, got as low as 478 Nationwide deaths on June 1st, before seeing  an uptick to 848 deaths on June 5th. Still the trajectory appears to be on the down swing

Two recent reports indicate some possible good news.

The Daily Mail reported:

Dr Donald Yealy, chair of emergency medicine at UPMC, explained at a press conference on Thursday that people seem to be contracting the virus less easily and cases appear to be less severe then when the pandemic first took hold in the US early this year.  
The virus may be changing,’ Yealy said.  ‘Some patterns suggest the potency is diminished.’
He noted that UPMC(University Pittsburgh Medial Center)  has successfully treated more than 500 coronavirus patients since March, and in recent weeks fewer patients are requiring ventilators to help them breathe. 
Less than four percent of all tests and only 0.2 percent of tests in asymptomatic patients are coming back positive, he said, indicating that the virus is less prevalent in the communities UPMC serves.
The doctors’ findings that the virus could be declining in potency came days after researchers in Italy announced that patients there were showing much smaller amounts of the virus in their system, compared to samples taken during the peak of the crisis in March and April.

Meanwhile in Italy The UK Express reported:

Italian doctors claim the deadly virus has “enormously weakened” compared to when it ripped across the world earlier this year causing devastation in its wake.
Head of Milan’s San Raffaele Hospital, Dr Alberto Zangrillo says the disease is now much less lethal and “no longer clinically exists” in Italy.
Dr Zangrillo said newly infected patients are showing much milder symptoms and that the number of viruses in their system has decreased significantly, offering some much-needed good news.
Matteo Bassetti, head of infectious diseases at the San Martino hospital in the city of Genoa reiterates Dr Zangrillo’s claim.
Dr Bassetti said: “The strength the virus had two months ago is not the same strength it has today.”
Dr Donald Yealy, a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center said today that he also believes “the virus is changing.”
“Some patterns suggest the potency is diminished”, he added, pointing to fewer positive tests coming back to his hospital and fewer patients requiring ventilators.

The trajectory of death and infections in Italy is drastically down.  Professor Alberto Zangrillo,  went so far as to say that the virus ‘clinically no longer exists’ during a Sunday interview on state television. Several Italian officials hotly contested his findings however , and the WHO strongly disagrees with both of these recent findings


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