Defund the Police Was Theme of Saturday’s DC March

Protesters march down Pennsylavania Avenue from the Capitol as George Floyd police brutality demonstrations and marches are held around Washington, D.C., on Saturday. (Bill Clark/AP)
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By John Gizzi (NEWSMAX)

If there was any common and unifying theme in Saturday’s march on Washington to commemorate Minnesotan George Floyd, it was the call to defund local police forces.

Scores of the marchers carried placards reading “Defund the Police” or “Disarm, Demilitarize, Defund Police” and even “F*** the Police.”

Most expressed similar sentiments about the men and women in blue, although at least one suggested cutting the appropriations for local police forces without defunding them altogether.

“Right now, nearly half of our funds in the District of Columbia are going toward training of police which escalates the situation [between police and citizens] instead of easing it,” Priyanka Tripuraneni, a medical student at Georgetown University living in Washington, D.C. told us.

(Actually, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s budget for Fiscal Year 2021 calls for a $578,069,493 Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) operating budget, a 3.3% increase from 2020. The proposed operating budget for the District in FY 2021 is roughly $13 billion.)

Despite her sign reading “Defund the Police,” Tripuraneni insisted she wanted to “cut the funding of local police departments but not completely.” The money that was saved from spending on items such as police riot gear, she said, “could be used for masks in public health facilities and on programs dealing with homelessness and education.”

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