CNN Compiles List of ” Racist Statues” in America- What’s the motive behind it all?

The statues on the Confederate monument are covered in graffiti and beheaded after a protest in Portsmouth, Va., Wednesday, June 10, 2020. Protesters beheaded and then pulled down four statues that were part of a Confederate monument. The crowd was frustrated by the Portsmouth City Council’s decision to put off moving the monument. (Kristen Zeis/The Virginian-Pilot via AP)
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By J. Evan

CNN has compiled a list of “unforgivable” statues and place names, in an article calledHonoring the unforgivable” on their popular news site.  Many critics are asking: is CNN backing the vandalism, which is going on in America and Europe?

The CNN article lists the history of the person who was honored by the statue and lists the location.

Scenes of angry young ‘revolutionaries’ and assorted activists are being seen every minute in the news destroying art, chanting ‘tear it down’ , waving flags, pulling down graffiti covered monuments.

It is true that many  of the statues are ones of people from the past, who might have held some racist ideas or owned slaves and the obvious confederate statues  however many statues that have been destroyed have been from anti-slavery abolitionists, Winston Churchill and Lincoln; people who fought fascism and slavery.

Why are they attacking statues of people who were against slavery? This movement is not about racism or slavery or black people, that is the facade.

The idea of toppling statues is associated throughout  history with revolutions or regime changes.  When the Communist Chinese party rose to power, murdered millions, destroyed families and brainwashed children, they toppled statues of  past dynasties and religious symbolism.  When the psychotic Pol Pot took over Cambodia,  the nation’s history was literally erased, as he wanted to start over with ‘ year zero’. There are plenty of other examples of this, who can forget Saddam statue being toppled?

When you are armed with historical perspective and understand that BLM was founded by revolutionary communists, you can understand what is happening.  Alicia GarzaPatrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi the 3 creators of BLM  all work for front groups of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), one of the four largest radical Left organizations in the country. The others are the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS).

This is not a civil rights movement, this is a communist movement disguised as a civil rights movement.

The average protester has no clue to the underpinnings of the movement they support,  many are young idealistic kids.  Many, who think they are “fighting racism” are actually being used by the Maoists and Marxists funding the entire movement.

They are actually contributing to erasing American and European history. Destroying their own culture while thinking they are fighting the good fight against racism.


Sadly, only the astute history minded person understands what the statue toppling is all about. Now, one must ask themselves why did CNN publish a list of  ‘racist’ statues?  Is CNN advocating the destruction of historical art because it is ‘trendy’ or are they part of the communist agenda itself?  Either way, for a major news-source to publish a list of statues to topple SEEMS unimaginable. the article does not explicitly instruct the reader to seek and destroy but it’s like a blueprint for future targets.

History also shows, that the grunts on the ground who helped topple the regime they were against are usually the first to be exterminated when the communists take over. They are known as ‘useful idiots’ by their communist comrades.  CNN should take note.





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