BLM Founder Admits Movement is about Stopping Trump, Unearthed Interview Reveals BLM is a Marxist Front


Jared Evan

While massive protests continue to rage across the country (and beyond) in the name of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors admitted during a Friday night interview with CNN that “our goal is to get Trump out.

BLM is a political front group, founded by Marxists and hijacked by the Democratic party.

TJV has reported several times the last several weeks the origins of BLM, and the original founders deep connections to Marxist movements. Popular independent media site Zero Hedge, unearthed an interview with Cullors from 2015 where she admits the founders are “trained Marxists”, proving how accurate TJV reporting is.

Zero Hedge has been one of the most targeted websites by big tech, and their diligent reporting such as finding this interview displays exactly why silicon Valley has been targeting Zero Hedge. Google has forced sites like Zero Hedge and others to either shut down their comments section or heavily moderate it over sometimes racist posts by visitors or face loss of revenue generated by  the google advertising affiliate program.

Here is the 2 minute clip, 100% verifying what BLM really is. There is no longer any argument as Cullers spills the beans

Here is Cullers last night on news-entertainment network CNN, revealing it’as all about politics and stopping Trump


  1. […]  ニューヨークを拠点とする「ユダヤ人の声(The Jewish Voice)」の報道によると、BLM運動の共同創設者であるカラーズ氏がCNNのインタビューに対し、彼らの目標はトランプ大統領を追い払うことであると認めたという。さらに、BLM運動はマルクス主義者によって創立され、民主党にハイジャックされている政治組織であると報じた。「ユダヤ人の声」はこの数週間でBLM組織の起源について何度も報道しており、その最初の創設者はマルクス主義運動と深いつながりがあるとのこと、また、カラーズ氏が数年前に受けたインタビューではもう一人の共同創設者アリシア・ガルザ(Alicia Garza)氏と共に「訓練されたマルクス主義者である」ことを認めたという。 […]


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