Armed St Louis Couple Defending Property Become Social Media Cultural Icons

screen shot

By Jared Evan 

By now, everybody has seen the images of the middle aged white coupe guarding their mansion and property in St Louis, Missouri, as BLM protesters gathered on their private property.

If you spend any time on social media it is clear this couple has become a meme skyrocketing to the top especially among conservatives, libertarians and supporters of private property and the 2nd amendment. They are literally instant cultural icons .

St. Louis police are investigating the incident as a case of trespassing and fourth-degree assault by intimidation against the couples, St Louis CBS 4 reported. 


The initial social media post did not put the situation in it’s entire context, as the protesters literally were trespassing on private property. The original video did not make this clear.

A different view , from a live stream of the protest reveals the protesters  were actually trespassing

Mark McCloskey and wife Patricia McCloskey say they were fearing for their lives Sunday night when protesters approached their home in a private, gated community. They grabbed their guns after calling the police as a large crowd of 300 protesters stood outside their home. They are interviewed below on CBS KMOV 4, St. Louis

Since identified, the couple  and their businesses have been harassed by BLM supporters and assorted far left radicals

Here are some popular memes making their rounds



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