10 Puzzles to Bring Israel into Your Home, Piece by Piece

Jigsaw puzzles are helping many folks across the world pass their lockdown time in a fun and brain-challenging way.

When your travel plans are on hold and you’re stuck at home, conditions are perfect for puzzling together scenes from the Holy Land

By: Abigail Klein Leichman

Jigsaw puzzles are helping many folks across the world pass their lockdown time in a fun and brain-challenging way.

Old City Jerusalem Domes

Ravensburger reportedly saw its American puzzle sales soar 370 percent during the pandemic. Puzzle Warehouse hired extra hands to fulfill a 10-fold jump in orders. The Australian Prime Minister deemed puzzles “an essential activity” and permitted people to go out and buy them.

In these times when international travel is restricted, jigsaw puzzles also let you travel vicariously. This stimulating activity for your mind and fingers will bring a beautiful scene of Israel’s significant sites right to your coffee table.

Here are 10 Israel-themed jigsaw puzzles you can order from Amazon.

  1. Kotel at Night

This 20-by-28-inch 1,000-piece puzzle of a nighttime scene at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem is from Jewish Educational Toys. While adults work on this challenging puzzle, little ones from age three and up can assemble a matching 24-piece floor puzzle of the same awesome scene.

  1. Jerusalem Panorama

EuroGraphics’ 1,000-piece panoramic puzzle of the Western Wall measures 13 by 39 inches. The scene looks like that of the puzzle above but it’s a daytime view and includes more details of surrounding structures.

  1. Tel Aviv Beach Skyline

From Lantern Press comes this 1,000-piece, 19-by-27-inch jigsaw puzzle of an enchanting Tel Aviv beach landscape at dusk. A 500-piece version is available as well.

  1. Bahá’í Gardens

Haifa’s hilly downtown skyline is dominated by the stunning Bahá’í Gardens and Shrine. Until you can visit in person, put together this Lantern Press puzzle of the Mount Carmel landmark. It has 500 pieces and measures 19 by 13 inches. Or try this 1,000-piece version for a bigger challenge.

  1. The Dead Sea
Jaffa Port

You won’t be able to float on this wooden 1,000-piece puzzle of the lowest place on Earth, but it will whet your appetite for the real-life Dead Sea where the mineral density doesn’t allow you to sink. It measures 29.5 by 19.6 inches.

  1. Old City Jerusalem Domes

In this puzzle you will reconstruct the (Muslim) Dome of the Rock and the (Christian) dome of the Greek Armenian Patriarchate, as seen from the roof of the Austrian Hospice in the Old City of Jerusalem.

  1. Jaffa Port

When you finish putting the last of the 1,000 wooden pieces in place, you’ll have a 29.5-by-19.7-inch picture of one of the prettiest and most ancient seaside scenes in Israel. If you find this puzzle too difficult, look for the letters A through H printed on the back of the pieces to help you find the one you’re seeking.

  1. Akko Coast
Shuk Delights

The southern coast of the Old City of Acre (Akko) on the northern Mediterranean shore comes alive in this 1,000-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle (it has letters printed on the back like the puzzle above, to help you if you get stuck).

  1. Caesarea

Here’s a 1,000-piece puzzle that’s bound to be extra-challenging. The reward of sorting out all the blues and browns is an artistic viewpoint of the seashore at Caesarea as seen through an old Roman arch. The finished puzzle measures 29.5 by 19.7 inches.

  1. Shuk Delights

This 252-piece scene of a dried-fruit-and-nut stall at Carmel Market in Tel Aviv will make your mouth water. Next time you’re in Israel, come taste the real thing.