The Message of Hashem’s Redemption

Perhaps this current scourge is His message to us to wake up to our overt slide away from goodness and the belief in a Supreme Being. G-d may have a plan

Let’s consider this corona virus thing not only as a medical threat to humanity, one that will have to be remedied by scientific methodology with a dose or two of faith, but also perhaps, a message to us all that we are in the hands of G-d. He calls the shots as he has always done. It’s significant that Pesach is going to be celebrated soon and this year the format for our family gatherings will be changed. Perhaps, for large gatherings, canceled for the first time in memory. We’ll have to seclude ourselves from one another yet Pesach must go on, perhaps one family at a time. It’s in G-d’s hands. He’s in charge!

We are in the midst of a plague greater than any of the ten which G-d brought down on the Egyptians. There were obvious reasons for that one. The need to free the Jews from their slavery. And yet, there isn’t a rational explanation for this current affliction rampaging across the world. That’s what our scientists who talk of germs and viruses tell us. They never bring up the supreme being who determines who shall become ill and survive; live or die.

Perhaps they should consider this plague a message from above that we must treat our bodies with dignity and respect, not submit them to the ravages of man’s decisions to desecrate and show disrespect for what G-d has created. Look at the cries of radicalized women stridently demanding that they and only they are in control of their bodies. Abortion on demand, killing babies alcoholism, drug addiction are all violations of our creator’s plans for humanity. We flaunt His will and we are being reminded that Hashem is in charge, that He’s the boss.

Maimonides, who practiced medicine a thousand years ago, wrote on the need for man to take charge of his body, to keep it clean, to respect it. He wrote, without the knowledge of the germ theory, that man is obligated to practice good hygiene. He considered humans to be the creations of G-d, to be protected. Perhaps this current scourge is His message to us to wake up to our overt slide away from goodness and the belief in a Supreme Being. G-d may have a plan. It may be a warning to us all, people of all faiths, to take sort of a time out, retreat to one’s room or home, seclude oneself, re-think and reconsider the Ten Commandments, faith in G-d, goodness and finally, bring back respect for the proper treatment of the human body.

Every night before we retire, we ask that the Guardian of Israel watch over us, to protect us and have mercy on us and most importantly, we ask that He return our souls to our bodies and have us arise the next morning alive and well. We also ask that Hashem’s angels watch over us. We say, “May Michoel be at our right, Gavriel at our left, Uriel before us and Rafael behind us.” Who is Raphael? He is the angel that cures the sick, that heals of our maladies.

Remember, we are not in control. He is.