Store Burglaries Up 75% in NYC as Possible Civil Unrest Has Many Concerned - The Jewish Voice
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Monday, August 8, 2022

Store Burglaries Up 75% in NYC as Possible Civil Unrest Has Many Concerned

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By: Robert Kotkin

The NYPD has seen a 75% increase in reports of burglaries of commercial establishments from March 12, when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency, to March 31, police officials said. The NYPD recorded 254 burglaries of businesses during that time period this year compared with 145 for the same period last year, the officials said.

NYC Fox News outlet described the scene: – A growing scene for those who venture out into the streets of Manhattan these days is boarded up storefronts. From luxury retailers to small bars, establishments that have no idea when they are going to be allowed to reopen are putting up protection over their glass doors and windows.

Mark Caserta, executive director of the Park Slope business improvement district gave an interesting perspective to the WSJ regarding the trend of business boarding up their storefronts,” It brings up this idea of rioting and collapse of society,” Mr. Caserta said. “This is way too much, and it sends the wrong signal.”

Burglaries have drastically increased while other crimes have dropped. Thus far NYC has not experienced major violence on the streets, but many predict things can become worse the longer the shelter-in-place and general shutdowns remain in place.

The biggest reason business are concerned : Fox5 pointed out on Thursday, 6,498 uniformed members of the NYPD were on the sick report which accounts for 18% of the Department’s uniformed workforce. 1,354 uniformed members and 169 civilian members have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The increase in commercial burglaries comes as major crimes across the city fell during the pandemic. From March 12 through March 31, major felonies, such as rapes, murders and assaults, fell by nearly 20% when compared with the same period in 2019, dropping to 3,740 such crimes from 4,670 a year earlier.

“We knew with the closing of many stores that we could see an increase and, unfortunately, we are,” said NYPD Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael LiPetri to the WSJ.

The Jewish Voice reported on March 26th that sccording to NYPD statistics, compared to the week before last there was an overall decrease in the crime rate and that includes murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary and grand larceny.

In the case of stolen vehicles, the NY Post reported that thirty-five more vehicles were reported stolen this year, marking a 52% increase from the same week last year.

The Daily News reported that rapes were more than cut in half, from 33 the week before last to 15 last week and the number of robberies were down 8%, to 210 from 229.

There were just 16 people shot last week, compared to 20 the week before. And with more people home, burglaries dropped 19%, to 173 from 213, according to the NY Daily News report.

The NY Post reported that grand larceny was down 31% with 517 reported so far this year, compared to 753 last year. Rape and other sex crimes were both down, 69% and 43%, respectively. Felony assault was down nearly 9% and misdemeanor assault down was 21%.

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