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Pandemic Update from NYC Tuesday April 14, Cuomo Press conference

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Notes From the Governors Press Conference

  • New York recorded 778 coronavirus deaths yesterday. The figure marks an increase fom Sunday’s death toll, and the state’s total coronavirus death toll has reached 10,834.
  • Officials reported on Tuesday that another 7,177 had tested positive, bringing the total to 202,208. In New York City, 110,465 people have tested positive.
  • Cuomo said he believes New York is at the apex of its crisisCoronavirus hospitalizations slightly decreased yesterday, Cuomo said, even as 1,600 new people were admitted to New York hospitals. The small tick down shows more people are being discharged from hospitals after recovering from the virus.
  • Cuomo said the death toll, while devastating, is a “lagging indicator” of how the virus is spreading through the state. The rate of hospitalizations is more reflective of new cases.“We changed the curve,” Cuomo said of New Yorkers’ social distancing practices. “We are changing the curve every day.”
  • Cuomo said Trump was “clearly spoiling for a fight” on reopening the economyCuomo said Trump’s claim that he has “total” authority to reopen the economy was “factually wrong,” and the governor insisted he would not be drawn into a partisan fight amid a pandemic.
  • Cuomo emphasized he hoped to work with Trump and the federal government in “partnership” and “coordination” to respond to the current crisis. “I am not going to fight with him,” Cuomo said of the president. “This is no time for any division between the federal government and state governments.” Cuomo noted he has coordinated with other governors from both parties to address the pandemic. “This is not about Democratic or Republican,” Cuomo said. “This is about New York — 10,000 lives lost. … Forget the darn politics.”

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